Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ingrid Cait. THE FINALE!

Monday came and went, Tuesday came and went, Wednesday came and went...
On Wednesday I had my stress test. Baby girl could not have been happier in my belly. Everything looked fantastic. She might possibly stay in there forever.
I remember texting my mom that day and telling her, "It's going to be tomorrow."
The doctors kept telling me that they had to reach around the baby's head in order to check my cervix. She might be positioned wrong and that could be stalling labor.
I did some research that night and did lots and lots of pelvic tilts.
Late Wednesday night I started to feel a little queasy. At about 3am I woke up with pretty intense contractions. I was not about to let those stop so I pulled out the exercise ball and started bouncing away while the hubby slept. I walked up and down the stairs and around the house. They kept getting more intense. I WAS SO EXCITED. I took a nice bath while I timed the contractions. They were getting closer together pretty quickly so at about 5 am I woke up the husband. He called our friends to let them know it was go time and got the girls ready to take them over to their house. I stayed at home while he dropped the girls off and kept timing my contractions. They kept getting closer and closer!
Everyone kept telling me that your third baby comes FAST so I was sorta freaking out that he wouldn't make it back in time. Thankfully he made it and we started on our 30 minute drive to the hospital. But  first Jordon had to get the dishes done because we didn't want to come back to a stinky house, he totally went through a nesting mode. It was fantastic.
We made it to the hospital and it took my husband a million years to find a parking spot, I wanted to fight him. We some how made it to Labor and Delivery with the baby still inside. As I was getting checked in all the nurses knew exactly who I was and were so excited to see me! They were all cheering me on. It was pretty great. I get into my room, the same room I was in with the induction... and just take a wild guess as to which doctor just got put on call..
Oh yes. The amazingly sweet female doctor who I just loved so much. But this time the ball was in my court and I was calling the shots. My nurse checked me and put me on the monitors for a bit. I was already 8 cm dilated! woo hoo! I told my nurse I wanted to get in the tub right away, but they had to get all the vitals first and monitor the baby for a little bit. My nurse left for a bit and came back and said that the doctor didn't want me to get in the tub. Umm excuse me? I really don't give a poop what she wants. My awesome nurse was the only one in there and she leans over to me and whispers, "You don't have to listen to her. I'm going  to finish getting your vitals and we are going to hurry and get you in that tub!"
My nurse was so amazing. I love her. Seriously. She was my rock through the whole thing. (Along with my amazing husband of course)
I was finally able to get in the tub and try to relax. While I was laboring in the tub my husband told me about his dream he had that night while I was up having contractions and he was snoozing away with no idea I was even in labor. He said that it was about Ingrid but she was Nolah's age and Was standing there with Heavenly Father and they were both laughing and Ingrid said, "Can I go now?!" and Heavenly Father laughed and said, "Ok you can go now." and then he woke up to me telling him it was go time! So of course when he told me this I instantly started bawling my eyes out. Gosh my husband is the cutest.

 I was still so sore from my last hospital visit so the contractions seemed to be extra killer. I got exhausted fast. I was not finding the relief in the tub this time around like I did with Nolah. I just could not find a position that worked for me. I tried it out for about an hour or so (Not sure on the timeline.. just felt like centuries) then decided to get out of the tub. The nurse checked me again and said I was still an 8. I was done. So done. I started begging and begging for something to help with the pain. Jordon gave me a little pep talk and helped get me through. Then the overwhelming urge to push started. I tried to fight it because the nurse told me I was only an 8 not even 5 minutes before, but that didn't last and I went along with the pushes. They let me lay there on the bed and just do my thing. During my pushes I would feel water gush out every time. So I told my nurse that I'm either peeing myself a lot or my water finally broke. Finally that baby was coming out so she went and grabbed the doctor. My doctor finally got the hint that I couldn't stand her so she kind of just stood back and watched until miss Ingrid's heartbeat started dropping drastically. A couple big pushed and I finally got her big noggin out. Her umbilical cord was wrapped so tightly around her neck every time I pushed her out more it would tighten even more. So they had to cut her umbilical while she was still inside. Finally got her out and laid her on my belly and she was sooo blue and not crying. They tried getting her to breath while I was still holding her but it wasn't working so they had to take her away for awhile and finally we heard those little screams!
9lbs 2oz 22 1/2 inches long and absolutely perfect. The nurse told me when she first saw her head coming out she thought ooooh that poor girl! yay for big head babies!
The nurses kept asking the doctor when she wanted to put me on pitocin so I wouldn't hemorrhage and the doctor said, "Lets just wait and see what happens." I'm not kidding.. those were her exact words.
The doctor was stitching me up and kept saying my bleeding didn't seem bad at all. I was so excited! I just might be able to luck out this time around. The doctor left the room and the nurse started the fun belly 'massages'. (Worse thing anyone can ever do to you) The nurse was very gentle though and had me be the one to apply the pressure while she did it. Blood seemed normal so she asked if I felt like I could get up to use the bathroom and I said yes. The nurse and my husband helped me get up and we started the short walk to the bathroom. BAM blood everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. I'm not exaggerating when I say 75% of the hospital room floor was covered in blood. I looked down and said, " Woahhh that's really gross!" (Seriously, I'm the funniest person when crazy crap is going down. Just ask my husband) I felt fine but my little nurse instantly tried to pick me up and carry me back to the bed. I was trying not to laugh and kept telling her I could walk. Poor Jordon was kind of in shock and just stood there for a second while the nurse tried carrying me. The room instantly filled up with a bajillion nurses and my doctor. They finally started the pitocin... (guhhhhh) and my doctor proceeded to shove her entire arm inside my body. Entire. Arm.
So of course I'm screaming my head off while my nurse and husband are trying to hold me down. The doctor stops what she's doing and with the freaking snottiest voice ever says, "Either you hold still and let me try and control the bleeding or I can give you some morphine or take you to the OR right now." so of course I said, "Give me some damn morphine." geeeeze.
The nurse starts asking the doctor if she wants them to put the morphine in along with the pitocin and the doctor says, "I don't know... Can you do that? Just do what you guys usually do." Holy poo.. if she couldn't get anymore awesome. The nurses face when she said that was priceless. After another eternity of torture they finally got the bleeding under control. All the nurses were so so sweet. One of the nurses even went and made me some tea and even used her own special mug. It's the little things people. They were literally my lifesavers and I cannot say enough good things about them. After the craziness died down I finally got some more snuggles from my sweet pea. Then they started her first bath and the question about the eye ointment started again. We were done with the craziness. I was barely coherent myself and we threw in the towel. We let them apply that damn ointment that is apparently the decision between life and death. They handed Ingrid back to my husband and he went and wiped it off..
While everything was calmed down and my nurse was cleaning up everything I asked her about my old lady placenta and how it looked because that was the major factor in them trying to induce me because old placentas are no good. She said it looked fantastic! It didn't even show any signs of disintegrating. Of course I had her show me. I'm so proud of that placenta!

I had to stay an extra day at the hospital and every time someone came in to check me I would start to shake uncontrollably. It was horrible.
My nurses made a huge deal when I was able to use the bathroom for the first time. They stood outside the door listening and cheered me on.  I felt pretty special.  When my nurse from the induction came on call she even came to come visit and tell me how happy she was I finally got that baby out. Seriously. Nurses make all the difference. I have so many awesome stories about my nurses from this birth.
Ingrid turned out perfect with absolutely no issues not even jaundice and a pro at breastfeeding and that is all that matters.
It took us forever to decide on Ingrid's middle name. Jordon said it HAD to be a family name so we dug into centuries of ancestry to try and find something. Nothing just seemed to fit. We began to take votes from the family and Cait won. Cait technically isn't even a family name. My middle name is Caitlin but I think Cait is cuter so that's what we went with.
Now miss Ingrid Cait is almost 6 months old! She has travelled across the county and battled colic for 3 months. She fits right in with her big sisters who absolutely adore her. She's a tough cookie and is somehow still surviving being the baby sister. We love her to pieces and more than worth all the craziness it took to get her here!