Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1 Month Nolah

Nolah turned 1 month on the 9th. I can't believe it has already been a whole month. She has kept me pretty dang busy.
We are still breastfeeding, probably about every hour. I honestly don't even attempt to keep a schedule. If she acts hungry I'm gonna feed the poor girl. At night time Nolah likes to eat like she is getting ready for hibernation so I nurse her on both sides and then feed her about 4 oz of formula. Seriously is that normal for a 1 month old? She eats SOO dang much. She was weighed at the doctors about 2 weeks ago and was at 10lbs 5oz and I guarantee she has gained at least another pound since then. She's a big gal and I freakin love it. She got thrush a couple weeks ago and passed it on to me and we almost gave up on the breastfeeding cause that crap hurts. She and I got some medicine for it and it cleared up but its making its comeback on the both us. :/ yay. She wears mostly 3 month clothing.  I can squeeze her chub in some newborn onesies without them being skin tight.
She loves:
Staring at Daddy when we 'skype'
Listening to her big sis sing to her
The sound of the shower running
Having her momma hold her with her head laying on my shoulder and walking around. all. day.
When momma eats her toesies. She wants to giggle so bad. Cutest thing. EVER.
The boppy pillow.
Bath Time.
Mommas boobs. Lets be honest they are basically #1
She Hates:
The Car.
Going Shopping.
Binkys. Whenever I put one in her mouth she looks at me like OMG mom really? Gimme the real thing!
Getting her bum changed.
But I think she hates sitting in a poopy/wet diaper more. 
Changing her clothes.
Being cold.
Nolah is ridiculously cute and I don't think I will ever be able to get over just how cute she is. She is very temper-mental though. But dangit I just can never say no to her.
Someday when I have time I will put up some more pictures. But for now you get this silly one cause it makes me giggle.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Never Enough

I get swept up in the moment of things. I never think to stop and take pictures. My mind is fully into what is happening around me, and with that I end up with zero pictures to bring me back to that moment later on down the road.
I tried my hardest to remember to take lots of pictures after I had Nolah. Especially pictures of Jordon with his girls. But again I got swept up in the moment and just spent every second I had soaking up my family being together for the short time we had.
All the pictures I did happen to get were all cell phone pictures and a majority of them blurry. But I still love them and I will cherish them especially during the months ahead. I am kicking myself now that I didn't get more.

The days after I had Nolah and before Jordon deployed were amazing. Everything just felt so perfect. We had a beautiful and healthy new baby girl. Nolah was a champ at breastfeeding. I was healing perfectly. Ellie loved her new role as big sister. We had no worries besides that one thing that we just kept pushing to the back of our minds and promising each other to not bring it up.
But of course that dreaded day came to fast, and we had to say good bye to Jordon. By far one of the hardest things I have ever done.  It makes my stomach physically sick to know that he wont be around for a whole year. Its been over 3 weeks since he has left and I'm starting to do a little better. Your brain really does switch to survival mode and you kind of just become numb. Its always the hardest at dinner time, or whenever I hear the neighbors garage door open. But Ellie and Nolah have been keeping me pretty busy. We have been working on sort of getting a routine together. Nolah just wants to eat and eat and eat so its hard splitting my attention between her and Ellie. Im worried that Ellie will feel pushed aside. But we will eventually get the hang of things I'm sure. We have a lot of adjusting to do. For now we are just taking one day at a time.