Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stylish Girl

Ellie is seriously the funnest to hang out with.(when she isn't talking back) Last weekend we went to the county fair. It was Ellie's first time going to anything like that so she was pretty stinkin' excited to go on all the rides. I of course couldn't go on any rides but I think I had just as much fun if not more watching her and her Daddy go on the rides. Jordon talked Ellie into going on one of the more scary rides. (ya know the one that looks like a big ship and goes back and forth really high??) At first Ellie was enjoying herself until the ride started getting really high and making her tummy do flip flops and then she started freaking out a bit. Oh my goodness she had the saddest face. I was dying. I was seriously tempted to tell the guy to stop the ride, it was breaking my heart. But she survived. Phew.
Then Ellie and I had to get our faces painted. Ellie had to get the one with the blue lips. We tried talking her out of it but she would not change her mind. It was so cute watching her get her face painted. She just sat there and let the lady do her thing. I could tell it was killing Jordon. He is anti anything that looks like make-up. hahha He is going to be so fun when she is a teenager. The lady that was painting Ellie's face couldn't get enough of Ellie. They even got a picture of her for their portfolio thing. Everyone kept telling Ellie how cute she looked and Ellie ATE IT UP. She would just stand there with a shy smile putting her head to her shoulder. She made Jordon take a million pictures of her so she could keep looking at them.
She was non-stop at the fair. She wanted to do anything and everything and since she was being so dang cute we pretty much let her. We stayed at the fair until midnight. Ellie is a party animal.
That's the downside of when she is being so cute and fun we can't say no to her. (Especially Jordon)
She makes me soo excited to have another girl. I love her guts and I hope her sister is exactly like her. (besides when she is a smart mouth..)

Friday, July 15, 2011

MaMa's Milk

I am bound and determined to breastfeed Nolah.
It didn't work out very well if Ellie, and I defiantly regret not trying harder.
I'm sad that we didn't get that bonding time.
First off I had no idea what I was doing when attempting to breastfeed Ellie.
 Honestly when I would breastfeed it was the most painful thing ever,
and I was already having a way hard time with recovering from the delivery that I threw in the towel after 2 weeks of trying.
But now I am (hopefully) a lot more educated on the subject.
But I could still use some pointers. So any breastfeeding mama's if you have any tips or tricks or products that saved you please fill me in!
I am now 29 weeks pregnant!
11 more to go.
I filled out my pre-registration papers for the hospital..
It freaked me out a bit, not gonna lie..
Nolah is growing like crazy and I have gained 14 lbs so far.
Everything is looking good so far.
Besides the no sleep and being extremely grumpy.
My Doctor prescribed me some heartburn medicine and it has saved my life.
But really for the most part I have enjoyed being pregnant.
Ellie is getting really impatient though. Everyday she asks me if I'm having the baby today.
I'm so excited to see her be a big sister!
 Nolah now has a deadline of when she needs to come if she wants to meet her daddy!
Hopefully she will make it. Fingers crossed.
Can I just say that so far my husband being in the military gets a big fat thumbs down!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ellie Talk 101

Ellie makes up the funniest words. I love it, I always get so sad when she starts to say the right word for things instead of saying one of her made up words. Here are just a few.
My favorite would have to be 'skellup' which she says for skeleton. It sounds even better when she says it in her cute voice.
Instead of bleeding she will say blooding. "Ah mom I'm blooding! I'm blooding all over! Hurry get me a band-aid." I'll check on her and she will have a tiny red scratch.. no blooding. Drama Queen.
Zippers are zits/pimples. She loves pointing out the zippers on my face.
Freckers are freckles. We try not to say that one cause when she says it, it sometimes sounds like a different word... :/
Jordon's sunburn was peeling and Ellie called it Cricky skin.
She makes up words all the time, I need to remember to write them down. These are just her regulars. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Well I took a grand total of ZERO pictures while we were in Utah. I know Jordon's mom got some so I will have to try and steal some from her.
I have been terrible at taking pictures lately.
Anyways our trip to Utah was fun. A lot of things didn't go according to plan but ya know whateve. Do they ever? It was nice seeing everyone for 5 seconds. It went by so fast.
Ellie was non stop the entire time. She would go to bed around 10 pm (midnight our time) and wake up around 7 am (5 am our time) and just go go go all day. She defiantly got her play time in. She was grumpy beyond belief but if we just let her go play with cousins she was fine and dandy. It was when we told her she needed to eat or drink something she would fall apart.
I'm sad to say that the only places I checked off my food list was Cafe Rio and Chicken Express. I'm a little upset about it I'm not going to lie.
A week is defiantly not long enough to visit with everyone. But I hope Jordon was able to get his fill of family before he deploys.
It was a good practice trip so we know how to deal with things better for next time!
The plane ride home was a killer. All night flight. With 2 layovers one being 3 hours in between flights. Not to mention airplane seats are sooo not comfortable even if your not pregnant. SO I got zero sleep. Ellie slept the whole way on one of the plane rides but when she woke up she was screaming bloody murder because her ears needed to pop. Poor thing, broke my heart. But I'm sure everyone else on the plane loved the alarm clock!
  Me and Ellie made up for  the crappy nights sleep the next morning by sleeping in until 12 in the afternoon.
I sure do miss everyone!!!