Tuesday, June 14, 2011

and Breathe

Crazy lil' tidbit: I was this far along in my pregnancy with Ellie when we finally told our parents.
I defiantly wouldn't have been able to hide this pregnancy!

Time is going by too fast.
I was really banking on this pregnancy making time go by nice and slow.
September seems right around the corner.
The sooner this baby gets here the sooner Jordon deploys.
So I'm perfectly fine with time crawling by.
Jordon's company is deploying in late September.
Good news is that since that is when I'm due Jordon will be a late deployer. 
He will get at least 10 days with us after Nolah is born. Hopefully.
They haven't given us any details yet and probably wont until.. September.
But I have been trying super hard to not even think about it.
I have defiantly accepted that this is how it has to be and there is no use letting
it ruin the time we do have together.

So the hospital I'm suppose to deliver at defiantly doesn't have a good reputation. I was talking to my midwife at my last appointment just asking her about my options about delivery.
I told her I wanted everything as natural as possible and didn't want to have to stay in the bed or anything like that. She told me that I would be allowed to move around as much as I wanted and that they have jacuzzi tubs in some birth rooms. She told me that I would be left alone as much as I wanted.
So I was feeling pretty good about everything.
I started doing some research about the hospital because ever since we moved here I heard not so good things about it. I found a whole bunch of ratings about the hospital and none of them were good. All of them talked about how terrible the nurses were, especially in labor and delivery. 
Our friend told us a story of their friend that went there to get a cyst removed and ended up with staph infection from the hospital and basically cutting all his stinkin skin off his arm to try and get rid of the infection.
Yeah... not really wanting to have my baby there. At all.
I have searched and searched for any birth centers or anything like that near by and can't find anything.
The only hospital I have heard good things about is the Syracuse hospital and that is an hour and a half drive. Gahh! I don't know what to do!
I have tried to convince Jordon into letting me have the baby at home and he can just deliver Nolah but he isn't really feelin that. hahaha
I'm starting to get nervous about giving birth. I'm not scared of the pain or anything I just know that I have way to high of expectations of how I want everything to happen since it will be the last big event before Jordon leaves for a year, so I'm just scared that it will go nothing like I'm hoping.
And going to a crappy hospital that no one has anything good to say about, I'm sure will put a damper on things.
I need some advice people.
I don't know anyone that has given birth here. 
Goodness. I'm trying not to worry about it so much but we do have a time limit here!
1 more week till we go to Utah. Hopefully that will help me relax and figure things out better.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Times

 Jordon has been dreaming of being an awesome fisherman since we moved here. So as soon as the weather started warming up we picked him up a fishing pole and got him a fishing license.
Our first attempt at fishing was a sad day. Apparently we have no idea what we are doing. We were in an area that had quite a bit of people around. About every five minutes someone was pulling out a fish and not just baby fish, HUGE stinkin fish. One guy caught a fish, I kid you not, the size of Ellie. Jordon was feelin' good about this spot because obviously there was no shortage of fish. We try for a good two hours, with a total catch of 0 fish. Jordon was devastated.
We gave fishing another go this past weekend. Jordon tried to work his magic for about an hour with only nibbles. I asked him if I could give it a try and as soon as I put my line in the water I caught a fish. Jordon was furious. hahahhaha poor guy I felt so bad.
He gave it another go with no such success while I went off with Ellie for a bit. I joined him again, picked up a fishing pole, put out my line, and caught another fish.
Jordon was livid and said, "I'm not even helping you get the fish off that line. You have to do it all by yourself." I whined and told him I didn't know how to do it and was to much of a baby to touch the fish. He replied, "I don't even care, if your going to be catching stupid fish all the time you need to learn to do it on your own."
So my stinky husband made me take the hook out of the fishes mouth and put him back in the water all by myself.
We fished for awhile longer and FINALLY Jordon's curse was broken and he caught his very own fish. He was so proud of himself. But through the day he kept informing me he was still mad at me for beating him at fishing.
hahaha I love that cutie butt.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


For Memorial weekend we took a little trip to Palmyra since it's only two hours away. We went to the Joseph Smith house and The Sacred Grove. Seriously the most gorgeous place. Everyone should go visit, best experience ever.
The Sacred Grove was exactly how I always pictured it.

I can't wait to go there again and again and again!
I would have gotten a lot more pictures but allergies decided to attack my face. I have never gotten real allergies before. Every once in awhile in the spring time my nose would get runny for a couple days but that was it. This time I was coughing, sneezing, nose running like a faucet, and my eyes were watering like there was no tomorrow. But I still had a lot of fun. Hopefully next time that wont happen so we can spend more time there.


I'm pretty sure I'm standing retarded in this picture cause I swear my belly really looks twice this size.
Had a doctor's appointment yesterday to talk about my ultrasound.
Nolah looks perfect!
Gained 7lbs from my last doctor's appointment... That's rad :/
Seriously this gal is not wasting any time getting HUGE!
Finally got some maternity clothes. Sooo much more comfortable. But of course they didn't have any capri's in my size. Anyone know of anywhere that sales maternity bermuda shorts or anything like that in xs?