Sunday, May 22, 2011

Baby Nolah

We are officially past the half-way mark of meeting this gal.
I think we finally picked a name too!!
I really didn't think we would have a name picked out until the day she was born.
But I made it my mission to look up pretty much every name there is and find one that Jordon and I both can agree on.
Nolah Laree Kinsman
I love love love it!
Jordon really likes it too so hopefully this name will stick.
Ellie says anilla, like vanilla without the v.
I don't really know why cause she will say Nolah sometimes.
But whatever works!

Baby Nolah FREAKS whenever I put something on my belly. She will keep hitting it until I move it off.
I can only wear my pre-pregnancy jeans with my belly bands. If I try to suck it in and button them Oh no Nolah will not have it.
It's pretty hilarious really. Sometimes I will purposely set something on my belly just to watch her freak. Jordon thinks I'm the meanest person ever.
I'm not putting anything heavy on my belly I will just set my phone on it and she will start kicking away.

I LOVE all the delicious 'summer' type foods we eat now.
We just bought a grill and grilled up some amazing turkey burgers and veggies and my belly is HAPPY.
Don't even get me started on watermelon.. Ahhh best thing ever.
I have been feeling sooo much better. I have energy now and haven't thrown up in awhile.
My only complaint is terrible lower back pain and crazy heartburn.
I love having my energy back. Our house is gradually getting clean again.
I'm also starting to get a little craft itch too.
Hopefully I can get some cute ideas for Ellie and Nolah.
That pretty much sums up the pregnancy so far.
Keep me outside in the sunshine and delicious food in my belly and I see one happy pregnancy ahead of me. :):):)

Friday, May 13, 2011

House Full

Obviously I have terrible instincts!

I should have known Miss Ellie would get her wish.
Yes we are expecting a baby GIRL!

This little gal in my tummy is a STINKER!
While at my ultrasound she had her leggies squeezed shut!
She was not going to let anyone see her bizz.
The tech had me lay about a billion different ways to try and get a view.
Then the tech finally gets a picture of what this babe is trying to hide and the tech tells us,
"I'm not allowed to tell you whether its a boy or girl I can only show you the picture."
Oh man I almost started cussin' up a storm.
I told her, "No your kidding. Just tell us."
 She proceeded to tell us that if she told us what the sex was she would get in trouble.
At this point I was basically shaking I was so FURIOUS!
She could tell us what every body part this baby had but she wasn't allowed to tell us if the baby had a penis of vagina?!!!!?
Pretty much dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life.
Then she informed us that they use either a circle or an arrow to tell you if its a boy or girl.
She said our symbol was a circle.  WHAT THE EFF DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?!
She wasn't 'allowed' to tell us which symbol was which.
So we left the stupid ultra sound office livid. 
Then we decided to call my doctor's office to see if they would tell us what the symbol meant.
And Hallelujah they told us.
The little circle confirmed we are having a baby girl!
Look at how ridiculously cute she is already!
When we told Ellie she was going to get her baby sister she did her high pitched squeal then told us how she was going to dress her up like a ballerina and teach her how to dance and do her hair all the time.
She is basically pretty excited. 
I'm super excited to see them be all sisterly. 
Now we can finally start getting things ready.
She will have plenty of clothes, so all we need to worry about getting is EVERYTHING else. 
All the stuff we had for Ellie was either borrowed or we traded it in for her big girl stuff at consignment stores.
I don't know how Jordon feels about having a house full of girls!
All I can say is he better get use to booby talk and lil panties everywhere. 
I think he is a little nervous because he knows he is such a pushover when it comes to his girls and now we are adding another to the bunch.
He does so good with Ellie so I'm not worried. 
He was meant to have a house full of baby girls!
We don't have any names picked out. I don't know if we ever will. Jordon and I cannot for the life of us agree on any girl names. 
I'm excited to add more pink to this house and I'm totally going to dress her and Ellie in matching outfits!
hahaha LOVE IT.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tomorrow is our ultrasound! 
All I can say is that this wee lil' baby better not be shy or I am camping out in that chair until we find out whether we are having a boy or girl. 
I'm feeling that it's a boy. So its probably a girl. Ha Ha But I'm going to say it's a boy and see if my instincts are right. It's all just for fun and games of course. 

I'm beyond excited for the ultrasound but so nervous! When I had my ultrasound with Ellie they discovered her kidneys were dilated. The doctor told me all the risks of dilated kidneys. First he said it could be a sign of downs syndrome and might need an amniocentesis. I was also told that if it doesn't fix itself by the time she is born then she would have to have surgery, and in extreme cases the kidneys could burst and I would lose the baby. I had to get another ultrasound at LDS hospital to see how severe it was. It ended up being a very mild case and they told me that in a most cases the problem always fixes itself by birth. I think every pregnant momma worries about potential problems but after I had that ultrasound I became sick to my stomach with the realization that there was a good possibility that my baby wouldn't be healthy.  Of course it all turned out OK and Ellie has never had any health issues, and we are so extremely grateful for that.
So that experience defiantly makes me nervous to have this ultrasound. But I'm thinking positive and know that no matter what happens it is all part of Heavenly Father's plan.

I can't wait to start getting things ready for this little kidlet! I don't even bother looking at stuff since we don't know what we are having yet. I am one of those people that if we are having a girl EVERYTHING has to be extra girly and if its a boy EVERYTHING has to be extra boyish!

In other exciting news we are coming to Utah June 22-30. I'm excited to see all our fam! Especially my baby nephew Taetum that I haven't met yet! Also my bro in-law Kolten just came home from his mission so that will be exciting for him to see how crazy big his niece Ellie is now! I'm sad we only get to be there a week and I PRAY we will be able to get enough time with both families. Ugh I miss being with family! 
Don't get me wrong I defiantly think there are ups to living a ways away from family, but I wish it wasn't SO far away. I think us living away from family has made Jordon and I's marriage a lot stronger. We constantly argued about family in Utah and now we pretty much never argue, so that's nice. Also my daughter actually somewhat listens to me now that she doesn't have 5 million other people to tell her yes when mom said no. 
But dangit I just miss the feeling of being near family. I miss the Sunday family visits. I miss knowing that if your ever having some trouble you had a long list of people more than willing to help. :(
Lately I have been throwing myself a little pity party that I don't get to celebrate this pregnancy with my family around.
You can never have it all can you?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Living Room

Our living room finally looks like someone actually lives in it. It is still a work in progress, but so far I'm likin' it. Our living room is really long and skinny so we actually only have half of our living room mostly finished. We kind of seperated them into two rooms. There is our little TV section and then the other half will be the office/play area. There is still a lot to do with the office/play area so I didn't take any pictures of that part.
These pictures are terrible so I apologize in advance.
 Jordon's pride and joy. Ever since before we got married Jordon has wanted a flat screen TV, he finally got one.
Our couch that we finally decided on after searching for 4 long months.
Ignore the rocking chair. We had no where else to put it. I'm not really digging how we set up our pictures on this wall...

Our DVD case that I love.
Before Jordon and I had a place we could decorate I was always so excited to be able to decorate our home together. We like a lot of the same things so I figured it would be a piece of cake. Oh man was I wrong. It took us forever to agree on anything. For instance that DANG couch. We could not agree on a couch at all. Then Jordon found the couch that we have now and I totally gave in and let him get it. I love it now, but I didn't love the price tag so I really didn't want to get it but man o man I was so done looking.
I defiantly think our living room needs some more color, but Jordon isn't big on bright colors.. *sigh
Sometimes I wish he wasn't so into this stuff...
I really really want to get some curtains for the living room. I love curtains for some reason. But I have not been able to find any that I like. I saw on one of these crafty blogs I read that they just got plain white curtains and painted a stencil on them. It turned out really cute so I think I'm going to try and do something like that.  I think the rest of our house decorating will go on hold until after we get all the stuff we need for the baby, which is basically everything so it will probably be a while. We also might try and move into a bigger apartment which I'm really not looking forward to because I really like the layout of this apartment, but it will defiantly be a lil snug in here with 2 kids. We will see what happens..

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No One Messes with Ellie's Daddy

First things first, I am so PROUD of my amazing husband for getting a promotion today!! He has worked his butt off and more than deserves it. I would brag about all the details of just how awesome he is but I still don't understand all the military lingo and I don't want to cancel out all the awesome stuff with my stupidity.

When Jordon came home from work he was telling me about how they dumped water on him when he got his promotion. Ellie was listening and became upset. "Dad why did they do that to you?!" Jordon tried to explain that they were just being silly and it was all fun in games, but Ellie was not having it. In her most serious 'I mean business' voice she explained to us just how unacceptable this was. "They DO NOT throw water on  MY  DADDY! You better take me to you work so I can tell them that it is NOT OK for them to throw water on my dad. And if they try to throw water on you again I will say HEY STOP RIGHT THERE!" 
I wish more than anything we got this on tape because it was the  most hilarious thing I have ever heard. I started to laugh a bit and Ellie looked at me with her arms crossed and said, "Mom this is not a joke! This is very serious." 
Ah I wish my pregnancy brain didn't erase everything right after it happened and I could write this little convo word for word cause she went on for some time telling us how everyone at daddy's work was in big trouble.
I think the funniest thing was just picturing this little 3 year old girl telling a bunch of soldiers what was up, and of course in true Ellie fashion she would have one hand on her hip the whole time.

So if anyone is thinking about messing with Ellie's dad you better be prepared to take on Ellie, because that kind of shenanigans WILL NOT be tolerated. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Layin Low

10 more days till we have our ultrasound! Yipee!
Baby love has been moving all over the place. Jordon was able to feel it for the first time on Friday. Jordon put his hand on my belly and the babes immediately pushed up against his hand and started rubbing back and forth. That was the hardest I have ever felt the baby move so far. Just wanted to make sure Daddy knew the babes loves his guts already.
It feels like this kid is trying to escape already. He will move down as low as possible and roll around. It feels like if it kicks the wrong spot there is going to be an arm or a leg hanging out. Yeah its pretty uncomfortable.

Ellie was watching Tangled and I walked in on her trying to kiss Flynn Ryder on the TV. She didn't even try to deny it. She was rather proud.
Stinkin crazy kid of mine. I love her to much.