Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunshine Makes Me Happy

Yesterday was 78 degrees! It felt delicious outside. So of course Ellie and I spent the entire day outside. The best thing about living on base is there are tons and tons of playgrounds. There are 3 playgrounds just a short walk away from our house.
 I must say it is the funnest thing to listen to the things little kids talk about to each other. There was a little girl about Ellie's age playing and I heard her say, "I have FOUR boyfriends!" I was like PHEW it's not just Ellie that says that crazy stuff.
 It is so nice to watch her play with other kids. She isn't shy at all. She will run up to any other kids that are playing at the same place and put her hand on her hip and say, "You can play with me if you want!"
When Jordon got off work we went to another playground. At first Jordon was playing with her and then Ellie started playing with the other kids and Jordon kind of got pushed aside. haha. He was OK with it though, I think. She was playing with a bunch of kids that were probably a couple years older than her but she was defiantly holding her own and able to keep up with them pretty well. Jordon and I just sat back and watched her be such a big kid. It was bittersweet. I think it really hit us that she isn't a little baby that needs our help with everything all the time. We kept saying stuff to her and just watching her and smiling and when she would walk past us she would say, "Stop staring at me!" with one of those 'gosh my parents are so embarrassing' looks on her face. It was hilarious.
Ellie is such a fun gal, I love hanging out with her all the time. Sometimes I get a little sad that its not going to be just me and her all the time for much longer. I'm defiantly savoring these last months we have alone together. I also love that it is finally getting warmer! I'm not going to lie winter totally sucked big time here but there are tons and tons of things to do here in the summer time. We will defiantly be spending a lot of time outside. Yesterday after spending so much time outside I felt TONS better. Maybe that is the cure this baby was looking for!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boys Have Cooties!

My 3 year old has become obsessed with boyfriends! I think she has cut 10 years off of Jordon and I's life expectancy.
Every time she watches a TV show with a boy in it or sees a little boy about her age she always says, "That's my boyfriend. We hold hands all the time."
It's basically all she talks about now a days. Her top pick for a boyfriend currently is Flynn Ryder from Tangled. I was being a brat one day and told her that me and Flynn Ryder were boyfriend girlfriend and we totally hold hands all the time. Oh man she freaked. It was hilarious.
After my doctor's appointment we went to Wendy's for lunch and we were sitting there chatting and Ellie says, "Ah Dad I really need to get myself a boyfriend." Jordon replied with, "I will never let you have a boyfriend."
Poor Jordon. If Ellie ever talks about getting boobs or having boyfriends Jordon turns about 10 shades whiter.
I told Ellie that she has to tell me whenever she gets a boyfriend. She replied, "Yeah I will even tell you when we kiss!" Jordon basically almost died.
I've tried telling her that boys have cooties and they are totally gross and she is just like, "I LOVE COOTIES!"
She is growing up way to fast for my liking. I think we will keep her locked up till she is 18. Yeah, I think that will be the plan.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

So here are my belly pictures for now. I'm actually 16 weeks now but I don't think my tummy looks any different than 14 weeks. Sorry the pictures are kinda blurry they are cell phone pictures, but that's probably as good as they are gonna get from me. 
I have been feeling lil' baby kicks for a couple weeks now. I thought it was way to early to feel kicks and I didn't want to be all mushy gooshy about gas bubbles! But I can defiantly tell a difference now. I don't feel them very often but I have been able to tell that they are gradually getting stronger! I'm still getting sick. LAME. I have zero appetite. I have to force myself to eat, which is totally unlike me cause eating is my most favoritest thing to do!  If I do crave something it will be something I know I can't have like Cafe Rio and Carl's Jr. Yes there is no Carl's Jr. or the other name it goes by in other states I can't remember what it is I think its Hardees or something. I have been dying for a big juicy guacamole burger. In fact I have not found any decent burger places here in NY and I must say I'm deeply upset.  My search will still continue though. 
Its dumb cause I constantly think about food but when it comes to eating I don't want to. 
I don't even understand.
Hopefully this will soon change and I will want to eat anything and everything.
I miss Utah food. All they have here are pizza places and Italian places. The two freakin foods I absolutely cannot stand right now. It's so unfair.
We are suppose to make a trip to Utah in June hopefully and you better believe I'm going to shove my face with food the entire time. My list consists of: Carl's Jr. guacamole burger and jalapeno chicken burger, Cafe Rio salad of course *this will most likely be a daily meal, Chicken Express mmmm best food ever, and Thai House Spicy Noodles. Those are just places right off the top of my head.. 
 I have been thinking more about the food then visiting my family. 
I'M PREGNANT OK! Don't judge me.
That has actually become my excuse for everything lately. Its awesome
4 more weeks and we are halfway done! This totally freaks me out. 
I feel so unprepared and feel like I have no time.
I don't want this pregnancy to go by fast.
I'm sure it will start to feel like it's crawling by soon but right now, gosh it feels like we just found out yesterday.
We should find out what we are having soon! I am super excited to find out. I could never go without finding out. Ellie still says it's a girl, Jordon says it's a boy, I'm undecided. I have been mostly feeling like its a boy but lately I have been thinking girl so I have absolutely no idea. I would love to have a boy so we could have one of each but I would love to give Ellie a sister. I'm super close with my sisters so I defiantly want Ellie to be able to have that type of relationship too.
But I don't know I can't decide. What do you guys think? Boy or Girl?
We have a boy name picked out and I think we finally decided on a girl name, maybe. I'm sure it will probably change. 
Those are all my updates for now! I have a doc appointment this week so hopefully I will have more fun stuff to write about.