Monday, January 24, 2011

New Routine

 We have moved into our new home on base. I love it. It already feels like our home. We have most of our stuff all unpacked, besides that random stupid stuff everyone has that you can't throw away but you have absolutely nowhere to put it. OK maybe not everyone has that, but we sure do.
I have been thoroughly enjoying our dishwasher and our new washer and dryer in our amazing laundry room. I never thought I would have a real laundry room. Its awesome.
I'm still trying to get use to not seeing an LDS church on every block. We drive 40 minutes to our ward with a grand total of maybe 60 people. Its so different to me.
Everyone seems really friendly though, and so eager to help. We have ran into some extremely kind people since we have been here.
When we were staying at the hotel an older man was staying in the room next to us and was standing outside when Jordon came home from work one day. They got to talking, about the military of course, kept it short and Jordon was on his way. The next morning I get a knock at the door and that man handed me a gift card. On it it said Thank you for your service and sacrifices. It was a rather large amount on a gift card from someone that we didn't even know his name. I was just so taken back. He left the hotel right after he gave that to us so we never were able to get his name or give him a proper thank you.
I don't know it was just a very humbling experience.
It defiantly helps being in a new place when you meet such kind people.

Reality has defiantly been sinking in. Especially now that whenever I even step out my front door I see someone in uniform. I met another military wife that just moved here about the same time we did, this is their first duty station as well. Her husband is set to deploy in March. We were chatting about it. Talking about all the things they have to try and get done before he leaves, finding a home, getting a will together. They haven't even been able to find a home yet and he is already leaving. It breaks my heart for them.
Its crazy. We are all growed up now, and instead of talking about our latest crush in our math class we are talking about putting our will together before our husbands deploy.
I better start accepting reality now because Jordon is set to deploy in the fall. No dates are for sure yet though.

ANYWAYS! I have been having a super fun time looking at furniture and thinking up things to decorate our house with.
 We picked this bad boy up at an antique store. We are going to turn it into a desk. I'm super excited to see how it turns out.
This is my first crafty project for our new home. I decided I'm super obsessed with burlap.
And we gotta end this post with a ridiculously cute picture of my amazing husband being the rockstar dad that he is to my cutie ba tootie daughter.
I'm a happy girl.
I plan on posting pics of our house but I'm just to dang lazy.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh Cool, Pictures.

Sooooo here are some pictures of our journey thus far. PS I haven't taken any pictures of the area we are living in besides the lake.... So yeah,, maybe I should do that....
 This is how our Christmas Eve was spent. Cleanin' Ellie's puke clothes.
Nebraska is LAME

 Fulllll Car.
 Pit Stop

 Jordon thinks I'm annoying. Ha. Teasin... I think..
 She looks comfy?
 Mississippi River. Leaving Iowa entering Illinois
Sandusky, Ohio
 Tommy Boy fan? This is apparently where he lives in the movie.... Yes Jordon thought we absolutely had to stay there. Its ok though because we ate the most delicious pizza ever.
 I'm a good pet owner and lock our dog in the closet. Hilarious.
 Yay I have food in my teeth!
 Following pics are from our Motel in Henderson Harbor NY.