Monday, November 29, 2010

Keepin it Movin

Phew. It's been a hectic week. But tons o' fun!
My lil Ellie Bug turned 3 on the 24th! She is the cutest. It was so fun to watch her open her presents. She understands it all now and was dying ALL day to open her presents. She had the best reactions.
Thanksgiving was fun, I defiantly had a lot to be thankful for this year, although it was super hard celebrating everything without Jordon. Went out on my first black Friday excursion at an early 5 am. It was lots of fun and I defiantly got some good deals! This Christmas is going to be very exciting.
December is going to be a hectic month. Bleh I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on the 8th.. :/ sick I'm so not looking forward to this. Hopefully I wont look like a chipmunk when Jordon comes home. Jordon comes home on the 14th! Then Jordon's birthday on the 16th, Wolf Creek with the Kinsmans that weekend/ early Christmas for us! Then on the 20th the movers are coming to take all of our stuff and on the 22nd or 23rd we are outta here!!! We found out that the military is letting Ellie and I go with Jordon to New York and putting us in a hotel till we find a place to live, and we gotta drive all the way there! WOO. I have been trying to get everything ready before I get my wisdom teeth out cause I'm sure I wont be to motivated during that time.
I don't exactly know what to do though... I have been going through all of our stuff and getting rid of the crap we don't want but thats as far as I have gotten. We aren't suppose to put anything in boxes but I don't know what else to do with it all! I hate just sitting back and just waiting, I want to hurry and get stuff done!
I can't believe that in a month we are going to be living in NEW YORK!!!! It defiantly hasn't hit me yet. I'm so excited though. Super nervous about driving across the country in the middle of winter, but still excited.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Is it just me or do the days feel like they are totally d r a g g i n g lately?  I'm having one of those poop days.
Do you mind if I just sit and vent a bit? If ya do, sorry I'm doin it anyways.
I'm tired.
I thought time was going by slow when Jordon first left but it defiantly feels like its going even slower now that we are getting close to the end. We only have a little over a month left. AH! I can't believe I made it this far. Dangit I'm so anxious. The ending is defiantly the worse.

I'm so happy to move across the country. Really I am. I'm extremely excited. But man I am stresssin big time.
I feel like I should be doing something but I have absolutely no idea WHAT to do.. Where do I even start?
How are we suppose to find somewhere to live clear across the country? Jordon and I are in the process of getting on the waiting list to live on base. I personally think that would take a ton of stress off of us. But I also heard the waiting list is forever long. But I'm crossing my fingers it works out.
How are we suppose to afford moving, Ellie's birthday, Jordon's birthday, and christmas all at the same time?? Plus a plane ticket to get Jordon home.

I know everything is going to work out. I do. But I think it's safe to say that a very large majority of people would be stressing out too.

Ellie has decided she doesn't feel like going potty on the toilet anymore. She only goes poop on the toilet, then she just pees her pants whenever. She started doing this when I came home from Georgia. Before I left she was doing good. She would still have accidents but if she did have an accident she would go clean herself up and put new undies on. Now she just sits in it until I notice. She use to never pee the bed, now she pees it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. First she pees her bed then comes into my bed in the middle of the night and pees my bed. She goes through all of her pants in two days. Ellie has A LOT of pants. She even says she wants to be in diapers again.  We have been potty training since August. I AM NOT GOING BACK TO DIAPERS!
Nothing I have done has worked. I have even threatened canceling her birthday. (of course I wouldn't do that, but I'm running out of ideas here people!) I'm defiantly at my breaking point.
I'm tired.
*turn music off at bottom of the blog.

This little girl is turning 3 in two weeks..
It feels like she was only a lil baby for 2 seconds.
Ah I would give anything to have that time back.
*please excuse Ellie's nudity in the bathtub.
and yes the first video is of her pooping. We are that mature.

video video video video

Monday, November 1, 2010


Ellie is THE funnest girl around. 
She picked this costume out all on her own.
and Yes, it is Katy Perry inspired.
Her number one requirement for her costume was BLUE HAIR! She had to have it. She couldn't stop staring at herself in the mirror after I did it. The first thing she said when she saw it, "I'm so beautiful like Katy Perry!"
(and all of the blue came out the first time I washed it.)

 She is by far my most favorite gal. She has more personality than anyone I know, and I hope it never changes. I hope as she grows up she is never afraid to express who she is.
Even though it completely KILLS me to see how fast she is growing up, I love the girl she is growing up to be. Oh my heavens how can you not absolutely love this girl!

It was so fun getting her dressed up. I hope she thinks up something awesome for next Halloween!