Tuesday, September 28, 2010

make-up artist

Ellie got into my mother's eyeliner today. I'm pretty stinkin' proud of how good she did. Not in the exact right place but hey for a 2 year old it looks pretty good!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have been perusing the military wife blog world, hoping that I can find some positive and up-lifting things. Things that could get me excited about this whole experience.
Not gonna lie, I haven't found one thing that put a positive up-lifting spin on this whole active-army thing.
As I scan through these blogs I find myself thinking, What the hell did I get myself into?

It seems that most all military wives just look forward to that beloved day of retirement, at least that is the impression I have gotten.
Apparently all I have to look forward to is a lot of nights with no husband and many empty promises. The main rule for a military wife, NEVER GET YOUR HOPES UP.
Now I am praying, BEGGING that I am so very wrong on my observation. Maybe I'm just in a Debbie Downer mood right now.. Ok Ok Ok.

 Think Positive.

We KNOW that this is what the Lord wanted us to do. We are getting the heck out of here. We are FINALLY going to be on our own. We will be able to visit places that we probably would never see with out the military. Jordon and I have already grown so much closer. hmmm... Good insurance?
Yeah I think I ran out. But that's good enough... right?
Yes. Yes it is.

p.s its a little late to back out now!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fashion Re tard.

When it comes to the clothes I wear, I very rarely go outside my comfort zone. 
T-shirt, hoodie, Jeans, flip-flips/ vans slip-ons.
Yeah thats basically what my wardrobe consists of.
Sad I know.
I have always wanted to get all dressy, wear high-heels on a regular basis, fun sparkly tops, whateve. 
But I always end up in a comfy t-shirt and my fave pair of jeans.
I have the hardest time going out of my comfort zone.
Every time I feel a little bit self conscience I automatically throw on a hoodie. 
It's terrible. 
Since Jordon has been gone and we have been able to have some extra spending money for us to go shopping I have been trying super hard to push my fashion boundaries. I haven't bought one plain t-shirt.

I love the boots over the jeans thing. Love it. I have always had a pair of uggs that I wear here and there but I'm talking about the tall high heel boots over jeans. I think it looks super cute. Anyone agree??
I have really wanted to give it a try, see if I can pull it off. But it goes to that comfort thing again...
Hmm... maybe I will take the plunge anyways. Get a little dangerous.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Oh dear. Ellie says the craziest things. I don't even understand where she gets these things. 
Ellie's favorite thing to say the past couple weeks is she LOVES the baby in my belly.
Whenever we are at the store looking at clothes she says stuff like, "That would be so cute for my baby!" Me, "What baby?" Ellie, "The baby in your belly mommy! It's coming out soon!"
Or she randomly runs up to me and kisses my belly and says, "I can't wait for my baby to come out!" 
She especially loves telling people about the baby in my belly. Every morning she goes into my mom's room and talks about the baby in my belly and that it's coming out soon.
My mom got new curtains in the kitchen. Ellie went into the kitchen and I hear her say, "Oh beautiful! Mommy did you see these curtains? They are so cute!"
What the heck two year old notices new curtains? I don't even notice new curtains. 
Ellie loves doing every ones hair. Today she asked if she could do my hair and all she had in her hands was pony tail holders so I said yes. So she is sitting there pretending to put my hair in a pony tail and then I hear a little 'snip'. S#!%
Yeah she cut my hair. It wasn't a lot though and its not noticeable thank goodness!
I made her go to her room and when she came back out this is what she told me, "Mom, here's the problem. I just want to talk to you and say I'm sorry for cutting your hair, and I just want to give you a hug."
How the heck am I suppose to punish her when she says stuff like this? 

This isn't even the half of what she says. She is CRAZY TOWN.
I love her stinkin guts.

Friday, September 17, 2010


After 14 weeks of no hubby to go to sleep next to, and no hubby to pass the disciplining duties to for a back talking 2 year old, I think Ellie and I have almost grown accustom to this emptiness.

I think its safe to say that my stubborn 33 month old daughter is POTTY TRAINED! Now of course she still has her accidents every now then but it usually is no more than 2 in a day. I haven't really wanted to blog about it because I seemed to jinx myself every time I said something.  How did I conquer this beast you ask?? I completely put it in my Ellie's hands. I didn't tell her she needed to wear big girl pants, I didn't tell her she needed to hurry and sit on the potty, I let her do her own thing. Guess what. It worked beautifully. This just goes to show how unbelievably stubborn she is. When I would put a pull up on her she was always completely devastated. She wanted to wear those cute big girl pants so bad. I would tell her that those big girl pants are especially for girls that make sure that her pees and poops go in the potty and not in her pants.
One morning Ellie woke up took her pull up off and threw on some under roos. She was so ready.

She was basically changing her own bum. Whenever her pull up got really soggy she would go up in her room take it off, wipe, and put a new pull up on. Sad I know.
But she was ready to wear some cute tinker bell undies and be a big responsible girl.
I am defiantly making this potty training thing sound a lot easier then it was. She went on and off for about a month one day she would be completely accident free and the next day she refused to set foot in the bathroom and would put a pull up on herself.
She is one tough cookie to deal with thats all I can say.

I have been trying to keep myself busy and in the process i have gotten a little better at this craftiness. We will see if this progress keeps continuing.
It seems like I am constantly sick lately. Ugh its killing me I don't know what has been going on.
I have finally succeeded at getting Ellie to at least fall asleep in her room. She still sneaks in my room in the middle of the night but hey we are just takin baby steps.
I shipped Jordon a laptop recently and we have been able to 'Skype' every night. I get to see his handsome face! In some ways it makes it easier but in some ways it makes it so much harder.

I say that Ellie and I have grown accustom to having Jordon gone, but in no way shape or form has it gotten easier.
I still have that constant pain in my chest. That feeling of always knowing my husband wont be coming home tonight. It just has become the 'norm' for us.
But dangit WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!!
I have been trying to keep positive as much as possible. But that can be hard when people like to throw their opinions at you all the time. But hey, things wouldn't be as interesting if you didn't have those fun people in your life. Right?
I have another tripped planned to go see him in October!
so soo SOO excited.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Happy Birthday Ardie!

 Yesterday Sept. 5th was our doggy's 2nd birthday.
I find this a big milestone for us because since me and Jordon have been married we have had 4 different dogs. First was Lily, she was a chow mix. Jordon and I got her while we were dating. While my in-laws were building there new house Lily would run back and forth from their old house to their new house. Then the pound picked her up. By the time we found out she was gone Jordon called the pound right after someone picked her up. Jordon was devastated, and we are pretty sure someone in our neighborhood has her. Jordon has been pretty tempted to steal her. 
Then there was a stupid dog we called Nugget. He was a Jack Russel Terrier. We got him from the Humane Society. They gave us a 10 day trial to decide if we wanted to adopt him for sure. Thank Goodness.
We got him when I was gigantic pregnant. We had him for three days and I called Jordon at work and said, "He is headed back to the Humane Society." I bawled the entire time, but that was the best decision I ever made. That dog was crazy.
Then came Maggie. She was a mix of just about everything. I was in love with her. I had Ellie when we had her so she went to Jordon's parents when we went to the hospital. She was the fattest puppy in the whole world. She was the only dog we had that was never picky about what she ate. Then while she was at the in-laws their fence blew down and she disappeared.
Last was Marley. She was a border collie german short hair mix.  We had her for a pretty long time.
Then one day she got parvo. We took her to the vet and he basically told us we could try and give her some medicine and pray she would get better but she most likely wouldn't. Well I wasn't going to just not try so we got the medicine and took her home. I did everything I could to make sure she would be ok, and a week later she was! But ever since she got sick she was never the same dog. She didn't seem happy. So Jordon and I decided to try and find her a better home, and I defiantly think we did. We gave her to this sweet lil ol' lady who lived on a big farm. The lady was so excited when she saw her.
Yeah so we have been through our fair share of dogs. But I love animals. So does Jordon. We went a while without any doggies after Marley. We were sad about her. We loved her but we knew she wasn't happy so we knew we had to give her up. 
I have always wanted a little dog. ALWAYS. Jordon said I wasn't allowed to get any little dog besides a toy australian shepherd cause they are the least girlie lookin dogs.
I didn't think we would ever get one though because they can be so expensive. 
But one day I was just browsing the KSL classifieds and found an ad for toy australian shepherd puppies. It said they would take cash or be willing to trade a puppy for a wii or playstation 2.  We had a playstaion 2 that Jordon never played with so I did a little coaxing with Jordon and long story short we got the cutest little puppy I ever did see!! 
I love Ardie. He has defiantly been the best dog ever. 
I decided instead of having another kid we will just get another dog. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Crafty Crap.

I think I am mentally challenged when it comes to being crafty. Seriously.
In my mind I am amazing at it. I have all these super cute ideas in my head and I get so excited to make it. But when I actually start making it, it's like it all gets lost in translation and usually looks like a big pile of poops. I don't even know what happens.
I have always wanted to make my own hair clips for Ellie but yeah... Never works out. Sewing... *sigh
Let's not even go there. Don't you worry if I ever finish Ellie's quilt I will take a nice picture of it and post it to prove my point. Sure it looks good from a distance but just don't look up close. 
I have been crocheting, I'm not terrible at it but my finished product never looks like the picture on the pattern..
I have been trying to paint a lil thing for Ellie's room and I have started over about 6 times. I used to be pretty good at painting. It's like this mom brain totally mooshed up my craft skills. I'm a lil upset about this. I thought becoming a mom was suppose to make you crafty? I don't even know.
Don't you worry though, I'm not going to give up. Someday I will get the hang of this.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Jordon with an O

Jordon started his classes on Aug. 25th. He goes to class from 4 until Midnight. Weird hours right?
I think he has been liking it, he said it's really interesting. So hopefully he will like his job because he will be doing it for the next 4 years. He has a lot of free time. I just shipped him our ipod and got him a laptop so that we can do skype.
Basically my time is spent on the phone with him or texting him. I miss him.. :( Our anniversary is coming up. THREE YEARS! Can you believe it?? I can't. I'm hoping I will at least be able to visit him sometime around our anniversary. If I do go visit him I basically need someone older to come with me cause ya know I'm duss a lil girl and can't get a rental car, and some hotels wont let anyone under 21 check-in. So unless I want to spend a bajillion dollars on a taxi and make sure Jordon can come check in to the hotel for me, I would really love someone to come with me.
Isn't that so silly that I can get married and have a baby but I can't rent a car or a hotel? It's ok, I will be 21 in March.
I would love to move to Georgia so I could see him all the time, but right now it's not looking very realistic. I'm still going to try though.
Jordon's classes got cut shorter. He was suppose to graduate in January but since it's so close to Christmas break they are just going to finish before Christmas break so that will be very nice. Unless he gets chosen to do advanced training, then we will have to stay an extra 8 weeks.
But ya that is basically whats going on with us, wishing and praying that the next four months will fly by.