Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fast Forward

Is it weird that I basically have my entire house planned out?
*sigh, What a marvelous day it will be when Jordon and I have a place of our own where we can just be together and raise our family.
Jordon and I are magazine FREAKS. We love Cottage Living, Better Homes and Gardens, all of those house decorating magazines. We use to buy one just about every month. I have a huge stack of magazines in my room. Will I ever throw them away? Heck no. I love them to much.
Since Jordon has left I have refrained from buying them. I get WAY to excited to have a place of our own when I look at them. I basically start twitching.
And besides it's so much more fun to look at them with Jordon, so we can discuss house plans. Jordon gets way into it too. Is it sort of gay that he loves looking at home decor? A little, but it's one of my favorite things about him.  What wife doesn't dream of a husband that doesn't complain when she asks him to go furniture shopping with her, and gets into just as much as her? I sure do! And I'm living that dream! I love it, and he comes up with some super cute ideas, sometimes.
I never would have thought I would get so into decorating my house. I love it. I would almost consider going into it as a career. Almost.

We are so close to having that place of our own, even if we are renting. As long as we have our privacy I will be happy.
About 22 weeks to go.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Emotionally Ready

*sigh* I am very upset about this post.
I feel like a big fat FAILURE at being a mom.
After an extremely long weekend of more pee and poopies in the panties then in the toilet, and a joyful surprise of little girl poop ALL OVER her bedroom floor, I caved. I pulled out a diaper and put it back on that lil bum of hers, and cried.
Now if I must I will go into more detail, and I must plead my case.
It started on Friday.
Ellie would only go on the potty if I put her there, and even if I had her sit on the toilet for 10 minutes as soon as she would get off she would pee. Saturday was even worse. I would take her to the bathroom every 30 minutes and she still managed to pee or poop her panties EVERY single time. Sunday was a little better. She went through all of church with no accidents, but as soon as we got home the accidents started again.
 After a long night of cleaning pee all over my bed I was already at my end. This morning was the icing on the cake. After having a pee accident I sat her on the toilet for a while, then had her go in her room to get some panties while I waited for her in the bathroom. Then I hear her cousin Maddie yell, "ELLIE POOPED IN HER ROOM!!"
oh my gosh.
That's when the diapers came back out.
Thankfully Ellie had a doctor's appointment today and I told him my dilemma with the potty training. He made me feel a little less like a crappy mother.
He said she sounded physically ready to be potty trained but with everything that is going on in her life right now she just isn't emotionally ready. He said taking a break for a couple of weeks and trying again would be the best thing.
I'm not going to lie, I'm completely devastated. I am so done with diapers.
Someday we will get this potty training thing figured out. Right now I think Ellie and I are just to emotionally and physically exhausted to continue.
As soon as the diapers came back out both of us were so much happier. She did so good at her doctor's. She even got two shots and barely even cried.

I have to share this little story to end on a fun note. It is disgusting but I think it's the funniest thing I have ever heard.
So Ellie has discovered pads. (as in that time of the month, pads) She sees these in the bathroom and says, "Mom, why you gots these poo stamps?"
I don't even know what to say to this so I just say, "Big girls like mommy have to use these sometimes."
Ellie says, "Can I wear a poo stamp?"
Me, "When you are big like Mommy you will wear them." Ellie,"But I want to wear a poo stamp NOW."
Me, "Oh honey it will come soon enough."

So after Ellie's doctors appointment we were in the car and I said, "Ellie you did so good with your shots! You are such a big girl I am so proud of you!" Ellie replies with, "Since I am so big can I wear your poo stamps now?"

I almost peed.
She kills me.
Where she got to call them poo stamps I don't have the slightest clue. The name is pretty gross, but pretty stinkin hilarious.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pee, Poop, Panties.. My life.

So it has been 5 days of potty training. It is still extremely difficult. She usually has about 3 accidents a day. She is doing good, but it wears on you. Fast.
She defiantly has her days. Some days she will go to the bathroom on her own, and some days she wont go on the potty without me telling her to go. I try to get her to go at LEAST once every hour.
I am extremely proud to say that she hasn't peed the bed once since we have been potty training. WOOT!
She hasn't earned any prizes yet though because she hasn't had any accident free days.
Truth be told, I'm tired. How the heck do people have children in diapers and children potty training at the same time? This is a full time job, I can't even imagine have a little baby hanging around too. It is defiantly a good thing we decided to wait for number 2.
Anyone have any tips on staying motivated?? I'm running low.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Patience is a Virtue

While Ellie was sick we decided to take a little break from going potty on the toilet. She was so miserable I didn't want to add to it. On Monday Ellie and I decided to jump back into the potty training full force!
I found some great tips on potty training at
Not to mention it's a super cute site.
Ellie kept asking to wear big girl pants while she was sick but I really wanted to wait till she was feeling better. We were both exhausted. It's tough stuff taking care of a sick girl by yourself when your use to getting those breaks after 5:00 p.m.
Anyways, one of the tips on simply modern mom was throw a potty party. Yes I do think this is a little ridiculous but I knew Ellie would love it, and it would get her excited. I didn't exactly throw one the way they gave ideas to, but I took Ellie shopping, let her pick some more undies out, let her pick some little treats out for days with no accidents, and got her a little step stool to help her get on the potty. We made her a big poster board so that when she went potty on the toilet with out having an accident first she could go put a sticker on it. Ellie is a sticker freak so I hoped this would be a good motivator. She got really excited to go potty. The treats I let her pick out are great motivators. If I ask her to go potty on the toilet and she says no cause she is playing, I'll say, "Ellie remember if you have accidents then your don't get your treat." Then she will drop everything and run to the toilet.
Everyone that has given me advice has said, "PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE." OK telling me isn't going to give me any. The first time we started, I wanted to throw in the towel after accident number 2. But I knew that if I gave up Ellie would give up.  Which is another tip on Modern Mom, Be consistent! Which obviously I suck at.
So apparently I had more to work on then Ellie did. Ellie wasn't the only one being trained!
I also think I'm secretly hoping she will stay in diapers longer cause that would mean she is still a baby.. She will no longer be a baby in big girl pants! Hence the name, BIG GIRL pants.
On Monday before me and Ellie went back to potty training I gave myself a little pep talk. Ellie is so ready, she wants to be in big girl pants. She was devastated when she was sick and had to wear diapers. I need to be the one to encourage her and help her out. This will be my true test of patience.
 Plus Jordon will be so ECSTATIC when he finds out his little girl is potty trained.
That is MY motivator.
So this time around I think me and Ellie went into it with a way better attitude. The first time we did it, I threw some panties on her and told her to go get em tiger.
Can you tell I'm a first time Mom? Good grief. It's a learning experience that's for sure.
OK so Day 1 is over, NO accidents. NONE at all. Even through the night. Hallelujah. I didn't even have to keep reminding her every time. She would start running to the bathroom and yell out, "I HAVE TO GO POTTY!" 
This never happened before. The only time she ever went potty last time was if I told her to go. Oh my goodness I could hyperventilate I am so excited.
I'm such a proud mommy right now. She is so big. And she looks pretty stinkin cute running around in a t-shirt and tinker bell undies.
Oh yeah another good tip from Simply Modern Moms (well all of the tips were good!) was to make them sit on the toilet until they go. I never did that before, if she said she was done I would let her jump off and 5 seconds later she would have an accident. Now I make her sit on there for awhile and sure enough she will go potty, a lot!
WOO! We can do this, We CAN do this.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sick BayBeh

So Ellie Ruth has strep throat. :(
I feel so bad! We attempted staying in St. George for awhile but ended up coming back yesterday (good thing) because Ellie was just so grumpy and miserable. I feel terrible for dragging her everywhere! She kept saying her teeth hurt so I figured her molars were just pushing the rest of the way through. But she just kept getting worse and worse and I decided to head back home and take her to the doctor. 
Having a sick child is the worse. You just feel so terrible and there really isn't anything you can do to take the pain away. It breaks my heart.
The Doctor gave us an antibiotic so we are crossing our fingers she gets better fast, and no one else gets sick!

Everyone was so worried about us driving down to St. George with just me and Ellie, but I must say it was way relaxing! Ellie does amazing in the car. Especially for a sick little girl. It was especially nice to not have anyone bug us! ha. It was nice, just wish Ellie wasn't sick.

Oh yeah Jordon's parents and I are planning on flying out to Jordon's Basic Training Graduation on August 19th. I am so excited I could pee. I can't wait to see him! Even if it is only for a little bit, it will be so worth it!
He has been writing lots of letters and said he is starting to enjoy it. He said he has been making a lot of good friends. He is the only LDS one there and a lot of people have been asking him about the church. So he is getting his missionary work in too! Me and Ellie have been missing him like crazy but there isn't much we can do about it. Except count down the days and pray it goes by fast! He is half way done with basic. 24 weeks left!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Picture Perfect

I was looking through my pictures and found this thing.  It speaks the truth.  Notice how Tom and Jordon are looking at each other like they are secretly in love and me and Emily are in the background looking at each other and saying, oh good hell.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Potty Dance

We are officially potty training. We have been giving it a try off and on for a long time but I don't think Ellie was ever ready. Yesterday she came up to me and said, "Mom can I wear big girl panties and go on the big girl potty?" and of course I answered with an enthusiastic YES! 
Pull ups do not work for Ellie. She just thinks they are like diapers and does her business as soon as they are on.
No matter how much I tell her she isn't suppose to. So we are going straight to undies.
She loves wearing them and has to show her Grandparents every chance she gets. 
When she does have an accident she hurries and tells me cause she doesn't like sitting in wet panties. 
With pull ups she couldn't care less. 
I ask her if she needs to go potty every 5 seconds and make her sit on the potty just about every 10-15 minutes.
I know we are only on day 2 but holy moly...... please tell me it gets easier! 
She is losing interest fast. I have to make her go to the bathroom. 
She gets angry every time cause I am interrupting her play time! HELLO MOM! 
I made her go to the bathroom when she was in the middle of playing and she freaked. "I DON'T WANT TO WEAR BIG GIRL PANTIES ANYMORE!"
But no. I'm not giving up. I really really hate diapers. But I really don't want her to have a negative outlook on going potty in the toilet. I had her wear big girl undies to bed last night and she didn't even pee the bed! She got up in the middle of the night and had to go potty and on the walk to the bathroom she had an accident but I was ecstatic it wasn't in the bed and that she actually got up to go!
I know she can do it, it's just getting her to stop playing and use the potty.
Ellie wants those ugly twinkle toe sketchers. The really sparkly shoes. I have never seen her want something so bad. So I told her that if she doesn't have any accidents then I would get them for her. 
Sometimes it works but not really. I do stickers to and money. They work sometimes but she loses interest fast.
It's wearing me out. Anyone have any advice for me? I don't have the slightest clue what I'm doing..
Ellie picked up on everything else super fast. I guess she had to have something that we actually had to work at.