Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I think I have the most AMAZING dads in my life. I have truly been blessed. First of all my dad.
Stuart Warren Welch.

You have only wanted the very best for me. Although it was hard for me to see that at times I defiantly see it now.
You sacrificed so much for your family and I am so grateful for that.

You are the best Grandpa to Ellie and I love seeing you two together.
Thank you for loving me no matter what.

Second my Father in Law
Dougie Fresh. :)

Thank you for welcoming me into your family with open arms, and making me feel part of the family.
You defiantly don't let me hide behind Jordon, and you guilt me into going on family trips :)
and sometimes your a brat. But your my Dad now and I love you for making me feel uncomfortable at times. It's good for me.
Thank you for raising such an amazing son who knows right from wrong, and knows how important family is.
I know I'm the daughter you always wished you had and I'm your favorite child.
It's ok there is no need to say it. I know. haha
I love the way Ellie has made you a softee. Your an amazing Grandpa.

And to the Most important Dad in my life,
Jordon Emery.

When we found out I was pregnant, you could have easily just walked away.
But you stood by my side through it all and made sure you were the one taking care of me.
I couldn't have asked for a better man to be the father of my children.
Ellie can never get enough of you.
She is defiantly a daddy's girl and I love that.
You are so amazing at being a dad.
 I have never met a little kid that didn't love your guts.
Thank you for sacrificing so much for your family.
I can't wait to have more babies with you and watch you raise them.
I love you.
Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


For those of you who do not know, my father in law Doug Kinsman is running for Tooele County Surveyor.
So to try and get his name out there Jeri has been trying to get involved in everything the city has going on.
On Friday the city had a chalk art contest and Jeri asked me to help out.
So we busted out our VOTE FOR DOUG shirts and got busy.

It was a lot of fun. Jeri and I busted out all of our amazing art skills and drew up a pretty awesome picture.
In honor of Jordon of course :)
This is kind of a weird angle so his head looks really small but it looks better in person... promise.
Everybody is suppose to go vote for their favorite picture today on main street.
Unfortunately the sprinklers came on at night only in front of our picture, of course.
So this morning half of our picture was missing.
Jeri and I hurried and gathered up our chalk and got busy re-creating our art.
It is good as new now, thankfully. I was so devastated when I saw half of it was gone. I wanted to punch someone. But I held my composer.
So everyone in Tooele GO VOTE FOR OUR PICTURE TODAY!!!!!
and then on Tuesday go vote for Doug Kinsman!!!
For more info on Doug Kinsman running for County Surveyor go to

Friday, June 18, 2010

Always With Us

I started keeping a little journal of all the funny things Ellie says and does and just of our daily adventures for Jordon.
I don't want him feeling like he missed out on Ellie growing up, so hopefully this will help.
I have always wanted to keep a journal of us and this is the perfect excuse to get me started. Hopefully I will have enough fun stories to write about to fill up the book quickly and send it to him so he can have something with him.
I'm not to worried about that, with Ellie, there is never a dull moment.

Since Jordon has signed up for the Active Military a lot of people have asked us where we wanted to move and what if we had to move here or there. (For those of you who don't know, we have to move where ever the Army stations Jordon. Which could be in the U.S or on the other side of the world.)
Now there are defiantly a couple of places that I would really not want to go, and some places that would be so fun to live in. But whatever happens happens.
Lately I have been feeling like this isn't where I should be. It hasn't felt like home to me since Jordon has left.
And now I know it doesn't matter where we get stationed, as long as we are all together it is going to be our home. And I know Heavenly Father will send us to where ever he needs us to be.
I am so excited to find out where we are going to end up. The anticipation is going to kill me.
Jordon and I were talking about it one night and I said it's not going to matter where we get stationed because anywhere we go is going to be a new experience because we both grew up in Utah, and anywhere is going to be fun after living with my parents for over a year. : P

I was able to get a phone call from Jordon on Wednesday. He said he hated it for the time being. He doesn't like anyone that is in his group. He said he has to keep yelling at them cause they think they don't have to listen to anybody. 
I was like MY Jordon is the one who is telling people to listen?! I'm so proud! ha ha
I hope it starts getting better for him.
He told me he might be able to call me on Sunday and actually talk longer then 5 minutes, if they are good. So it might not happen.
He shouldn't have told me cause I know when Sunday comes around and I don't get a phone call from him I'm going to be devastated...
I love him and miss him terribly.. Apparently everyone knew this was going to be extremely hard besides me. I honestly didn't think is was going to be this hard.. I thought I would be just fine. But it seems like time is going by soo incredibly slow.
I have a couple things going on later in the month so hopefully I can keep myself busy and that will help.

10 days down.

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'd Love To

I would love to actually want to clean, and maybe sometimes even enjoy it.

I would love to be amazing at sewing and just whip up a cute outfit for Ellie whenever I pleased.

I would love to be good at taking pictures. So I could capture all those amazing moments and be able to feel the same way I felt when they happened, and share those feelings with others.

I would love to start playing the piano again and not get frustrated after 5 minutes.

I would love to be better at expressing myself.

I would love to be better at budgeting my money.

I would love to want to go to the gym and push myself to my limits.

I would love not to be so stinkin' shy!

I would love to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I would love to bring myself closer to my church.

I would love to be the best Mother and Wife I could possibly be.

My goal for while Jordon is gone is to push myself to actually do these things, maybe not completely but at least get started, so that I can better myself not just for me but for my family.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


When Jordon and I got married we danced to the Spill Canvas "This is for Keeps"
We always liked some of the lyrics it in like 'eternity would never be enough' and others. It was nice and romantic and cheesey. I finally realized that this song is about Vampires...
Jordon tried telling me this before but I didn't listen.. Good grief.
This Is For Keeps
The streets are dark, my pulse is flat-lined
as I'm running to you
You sit completely unaware of what I'm about to do
The air is thick with tension much like when we are together
My fangs are aching as I'm pondering about you and I forever
As I round the corner
I am nervous that you wont be my lover
I knock three time and hope that my pale complexion wont blow my cover
You answer the door with you innocent face
Would you like to leave this human race, tonight?
Eternity will never be enough for
and eternally we'll live our infallible love
My brain is pumping an unusual secretion of lust
Your eyes are softer now
and your chin, it drips a bloody color of rust
I am raising up the stakes of this round, I am playing for keeps
Oh, would you like to leave this human race, tonight?
Eternity will never be enough for me
and eternally we'll live our infallible love
Follow me into the sea
We'll drown together and immortalize you and me
Leave behind this lonely town
We're both better than this, it's not worth being down
Eternity will never be enough for me
and eternally we'll live our infallible love
Follow me into the sea
We'll drown together and immortalize you and me
Leave behing this lonely town (eternally)
We're both better than this, it's not worth being down (eternally)

Friday, June 11, 2010


I know I promised I wouldn't let Ellie sleep in my bed while you were gone Jordon...

I put her in her bed the first night.

The second night I threw it out the window.

She has been falling asleep next to me every night since.

I need someone to fall asleep with.

Good thing you knew that would happen from the beginning.

What can I say, its not the same without you.

4 nights down.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A good Good bye

Last week was a lot of fun. Super busy but so much fun. On Wednesday my sister-in-law Nattilee had me come in to her school and get a fun little make over, then we had dinner with our fams at a yummy wing restaurant.

Thursday my sister Bethany treated all the brides-maids to pedicures and me and my sister Kelma splurged and got our nails done.

 Friday Jordon me and Ellie all had a day at the zoo.  We were having so much fun but had to cut it short because my sister's rehearsal dinner was that night. So we went to that and hung out with all the crazy Welch kids.

Then on Saturday it was my sisters wedding. I was the matron of honor and Ellie was one of three flower girls. Ellie was soo stinkin cute! She did so good going down the aisle. At the end of the aisle she still had petals left so she tried to hurry and throw the rest out in one spot. Then in the middle of the ceremony Ellie asked me if she could do it again.

On Sunday we threw Jordon a fun little going away dinner. A lot more people then I anticipated came. It was so nice to have everyone there and support Jordon, and the food was delish.

On Monday Jordon me and Ellie went into Salt Lake and got Jordon some military garmys. Then went and hung out at the Gateway. Fortunately for us they were giving away free Jell-o and we sat on the steps watching kids play in the fountains and ate our Jell-O.
Then our amazing friends Tom and Emily took us out to dinner. We always have a blast whenever we are with them. It was a good mood lightener. After dinner I dropped Jordon off at the hotel he had to stay at. We tried to keep our good-byes short and sweet with as little tears as possible but that didn't happen.
I cried the whole way home of course. I still can't believe he is going to be gone for 7 months.
1 day down!
Ellie came into my bed last night and slept with me. She kept saying Daddy in her sleep. I hope I can keep her busy enough to distract her.
I'm so proud of Jordon. He is such an amazing person to sacrifice so much for his family. I love you Jordon Emery. I'll see you soon.