Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Money In the Bank

I am twenty hours away from FINALLY finishing my dental assistant externship..
I am so annoyed. I love doing it don't get me wrong.. But I'm not so sure I like doing it for free. We started out with having to get 150 hours. This is seriously the longest 150 hours ever. Yes, I don't go as much as I should and it is my fault that it is taking me so long! Leaving to work and not getting paid is a little hard to choose over spending time with your daughter and getting all of your daily tasks done. But I am finally getting there. I just really want a paying job.
I know what I am doing at the dentist office, I think I do just as much as the assistants do that are getting paid for. Yeah yeah thats life. But just let me complain for a sec.
My friend went to a similar dental assisting school and just recently finished. But they didnt have to do an externship. The first job she applied for she got a working interview. She told me it was her first time ever assisting. AND SHE GOT THAT DANG JOB! I better get a job that easy. Im way excited for her though/ super jealous.
I have been tempted to look else where for a paying job. But I know that it will pay off in the long run. Not to mention the student loan that needs to be paid off, so I better not throw it all away. I'll kick my own butt.
I do enjoy doing it though. I am quite amazed at myself that I have yet to puke my guts out. You do see some pretty interesting things. I have gathered some fun stories already. Jordon always has to hear about them. He pretends to be interested but I can see it in his face that he really doesnt care. But he is my husband so that means he has to listen.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Terrible Blogger.

So looking over some of my posts I have to come to relize that I am a terrible writer! haha Actually that is nothing new to me. I have never been good at writing stories or essays in English class. I think I just have a million bajillion things going through my head that I just try to get everything out at once. So I skip a lot of details and bounce from one thing to another without having uh.. whats that word.. a good transition. Terrible.. TERRIBLE. Well as long as you guys are laughing with me and not at me.. right? :D I also have a hard time thinking of things I should blog about.. Hmm.. I need a profesh blogger to help me out I guess. Feel free to give me some tips or ideas.. I try to blog about just every day things. But honestly not that much goes on during my days. My days consist of Ellie, & I do blog about her a lot.... Actually I only blog about her pretty much.

But anyways...
I have been notcing that basically EVERYONE is pregnant. I must admit that I am a bit jealous. Jordon has not been helping the situation he is always talking about having more kids and how excited he is and how bad he wants another one. I was doing way good about not thinking about it until now. Stupid. We do almost have our whole checklist done that I said has to be done before having a baby. All that we have left is Ellie being out of diapers and having a place of our own. sigh... I love babies.

Monday, January 25, 2010

No fun in the sun Cali

A couple pf weekends ago Jordon's Uncle Kent paid for a trip for us to go to California to pick-up something for him. Since we don't have lives we were the perfect people to do it.
We were so super excited to finally get out and be on our own for a little bit.
Although it was very nice to have it be just us for two nights I must say I could have gone without. It was a pretty stressful weekend. We went to Fairfield California, its about a half an hour from San Fran. We were not able to make to the ocean unfortunately but it was pretty and green. It rained the entire time but it was still waaaay warmer then it is here. The first day we got there we rested for a bit and then went to an Antique Mall which was pretty awesome. I wish I had some money and a house cause there was lots of stuff that would be so cute. Then we went to dinner and went to the hotel and slept. Woke up early to go pick up his uncle's stuff and headed on home in the pouring rain. For those of you who don't know there is a big mountain pass you have to drive through to and from California. We had to buy chains for the tires and Jordon has never had to put chains on before, so that took a good four hours. Poor Jordon. His only jacket we brought got soaked in California from the rain, so he had to install the chains in his t-shirt in crazy snow. Like the worse snow I have ever seen and hello! I live in Utah. After many prayers we finally made it to Reno. That was the SCARIEST drive I have ever been on. So what should only be a 2 hour drive, turned into an all day drive from Fairfield to Reno. After being physically and emotionally exhausted Jordon's amazing uncle got us a hotel in Reno. The drive the rest of the way home was a lot better. We ended up eating in Wendover and that was defiantly the funnest part of the trip. Since Jordon recently turned 21 I let him get crazy at the slots with two dollars.. I have never laughed so hard. He was doing not so good at the penny slots and then he finally won something at he was at .22 he didn't even get his whole dollar back and he was like "woo hoo! I'm cashing out!!" I was like what in the world! He didn't even win his dollar back. I was laughing so hard. He is so cute.
I am just extremely grateful that we got home in one piece!

This picture makes me laugh. I love how he is wearing his Harlem Angels shirt while gambling.

Monday, January 4, 2010

So long 2009.

I must admit, I was not a fan of 2009. But a lot of good things did happen.
Here are some of the things that happened over the year.
-We bought our first car! Jordon and I are very proud of this car. We bought it all on our own! Nothing fancy, 2008 chevy cobalt, but it has been very good to us! & we are extremely grateful for it.
-We moved in with my parents. After much debate. But defiantly turned into a blessing after all the craziness that has happened.
-We were called to be sunbeam teachers and we love it still.
-I started and finished Dental Assisting school. Well I'm not officially finished I still have to finish my stinkin hours!
- Jordon lost his job.
- Jordon was ordained an Elder.
- Jordon & I were both endowed.
- Our family was sealed together for time and all eternity!
- Ellie locked herself and our only set of keys in the car... yeah I forgot to blog about that one..
-Ellie turned Two. Terrible Twos is not a myth.
Hmm.. It seems like a lot more happened but I really can't remember anything else.
But I defiantly think that our family grew closer together this last year.
Ellie does/says something new every day. I cant even believe how grown up she acts.
We have decided together as a family that Jordon should join the Active Army, after we get over a couple little bumps it will hopefully be official soon. I'm nervous, not gonna lie. Everyone always asks me how I feel about it & I don't know. I just have had an undeniably good feeling about it. I feel that it is something that our family needs to do. I defiantly think it will be good for Jordon. & it will be very VERY good for our family to be out on our own. OFFICIALLY! Jordon keeps saying 'Oh that would be so awesome if we had to go to Germany!' uh.. yeah.. I'm not to sure how I feel about it. But if that's where they send us then I guess I just better suck it up! It will defiantly be something new that's for sure.
Well 2010 is going to be a crazy one! I honestly can say that I have no idea what to expect to happen this year.