Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Quick Update

We have made it to Fort Drum New York. All I gotta say is I am sooo glad to not have to drive anymore.
It took us 4 eight hour driving days to get here. We ventured through Wyoming Nebraska Iowa Illinois Indiana Ohio Pennsylvania and finally New York.
I was completely terrified to drive all the way across the country in the dead of winter. I made sure we got new all weather tires, tire chains, emergency food and blankets. Jordon thought I was getting a little carried away but I kept telling him, "Nothing bad ever happens when your prepared." and guess what!
The weather was perfect the entire way. It snowed for about 10 minutes in Indiana but that was it!  It was actually a very enjoyable ride, but after the first day Jordon's and my back were killing us. Cars are not very comfortable. Ellie did so awesome. She wore big girl pants the whole way and only had two accidents. When we very first left Tooele Ellie puked her guts out, so that was a nice start to our trip. Our dog also did very well.
The morning after we arrived to Fort Drum Jordon received a phone call telling him that they have a house available for us on base January 18th!!!
They haven't told us the exact address of the house yet but we drove past the neighborhood and I gotta be honest... It is defiantly the ghetto of Fort Drum. But that's ok, we will make it cute and we have lived in worse :) We can always find another place if we end up not liking it. I have a good feeling about it though and I'm way excited.
I have only been to 2 different bases besides Fort Drum and I defiantly think Fort Drum looks a lot nicer. The area is super cute, not to crazy busy, and lots of character. Lake Ontario is only 20 minutes away, we have only seen a tid bit of the lake and it was dark so I can't tell you much about it. But the hotel that we will be staying at till we get our place is literally ON the lake! So I will be taking lots of pictures.
Oh yeah and there is a Target so I'm already in love with the area. :)
We have been so extremely blessed since we started this trip and it has defiantly reassured me that this is where we are meant to be.
We have defiantly gotten a little homesick, especially when we have to stay in smelly hotels and are to afraid to sleep with the blankets. 
We miss everyone lots, but like I said this is where we are meant to be so might as well make the best of it.
Pictures to come!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well ever since Jordon got home we have been busy busy. Seriously yesterday was the only day that we actually just got to sit and relax for a sec. But its been fun. The week sure did fly by!
It feels amazing to have Jordon home to say the least.
Here are a couple of pictures from the week. I have tons more but these are some of my fave!
 I hung up this sign and then brilliant me thought I should open the garage and tore it all up. But its ok I patched it up.
 Waitin to pick up Daddy!!!!

 The only place Ellie will fall asleep on her own!

 About every 5 seconds Ellie says, "Daddy I love you so much, I'm so happy your home!"

 Ellie is so ridiculously cute.

We have been trying to visit everyone that we can, had a fun weekend up at wolf creek, had an early Christmas for Ellie, (I'll post pictures of that later.) Movers came and took away all of our stuff, got our car all ready for the long trip, (who the eff knew a transmission fluid change cost 150 bucks! STOOOOPID) and all the little this and that crap you have to do before a nice long trip. 
I just wanna tell everyone THANK YOU so much for all the support they have given us during this craziness. Thank you for all the sweet random comments on my blog they always made me feel better! 
We are so blessed to know so many sweet people, and we are going to miss you all like crazy. Our home in New York will always be open if you every wanna make a trip!
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! We love you!
We are hittin' the road bright and early Dec 24th. Next time you hear from me will be from New York!! 
woah, I think its finally starting to sink in!
PEACE OUT UTAH!  You've been good to us.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

Ellie Ruth Kinsman is everything a momma could ever want in a daughter. She loves dressing up in pretty pink dresses, begs to have her nails painted, dances any chance she gets, loves getting her hair all prettied and stares at herself in the mirror forever, loves playing barbies, has NEVER lost any of her barbie shoes, and sings along to any song she hears even if she has absolutely no idea what the words are.
She is my bestest friend.
and She is MY daughter.
I love her so much. She is so big. 3 years old. I have a three year old.


But really, I keep thinking she is 12.
She has been trying out some more 'adult' words. Instead of potty she refers to it as restroom. She keeps trying to pull out ridiculous but still has a little bit of a hard time with it. She just acts so grown up about everything. She also loves telling me that I'm a 'freakin weirdo'.
She can identify almost all of the letters in the alphabet. We were doing her letter puzzle today and she would pick up the pieces and tell me what letter it was oh my goodness I was all sorts of proud!  She knows all her colors and most of her shapes. She knows how to spell half of her name, haha and she draws the cutest little people. She has a freakin memory of an elephant. Seriously. She tells me stories of things that happened clear back in January, like specific details.
She talks c o n s t a n t l y.
Obeying me? Yeah right. That ain't her thang. I'm so excited to double team this parenting thing with Jordon!
I'm defiantly interested in seeing how things become when he comes home.

I love Ellie so much. It's still crazy to me to think she is really mine. She amazes me everyday. I love watching her grow up and learn new things. She loves learning, she always wants me to teach her something new. She also loves helping people. Whenever someone is doing the dishes she always asks to help load the dishwasher. If she spills something she always cleans it up. Its her favorite to help me load the washer and dryer.
Ah I love her and it's been awhile since I have bragged about her. She is so fun. She does even more awesome things but its late and I am slightly drugged so my mind isn't working correctly.
Seeing how grown up she is getting is also scaring THE crap out of me.. Every now and then I have these little panic attacks of 'oh my gosh what if she never wants to tell me about her first crush?! What if she stops wanting to hang out with me?! what if she thinks I'm lame?!' haha its crazy how fast time has gone by.
I love your guts baby girl.
dont worry its just root beer. 
terrible mother yeah yeah. at least I have fun.
stole this from
perfect lil reminder I needed today.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tone it Down a Notch

ew. Enough of the serious posts. Seriously.
Did I mention Jordon is comin home in
3 days..
Yeah. He is.
Talk about intense impatience.
Three days seems like an eternity.
mmm can't wait to kiss that face.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Every once in awhile you have a bad day.

I take my 'bad' days to a whole new level sometimes.
Tuesday was one of my worse 'bad' days I have had in awhile.
Jordon and I have been having a really hard time with him being gone the past couple weeks. We have just been so irritated that he still has to be away from us when the military just has him sitting there doing absolutely nothing.
I have been working on being more positive about things since he left. But lately I have become very much aware of just how yucky the world can be. I absolutely hate politics and watching the news. They never make you feel better and you certainly don't walk away from it feeling up-beat and positive. Having Jordon in the military makes me feel like a moth to a flame when it comes to the news. I feel like I need to watch just in case there is anything I need to start preparing myself for.
Hate it.
Everything just started wearing on me quick and on Tuesday everything kucky started running through my head and Ellie was having a bad day as well and I broke down. I released everything onto Jordon, and left him feeling absolutely terrible because there wasn't anything he could do to help being so far away, and that was so unfair to him.
Later that night I got to go visit my brother and sister in-law to see our new baby nephew. Watching them be together with this new little baby who was so pure and innocent was such an eye opener.
You so easily get caught up in the evils of the world and forget about the small things that matter the most.
All that matters is my family. I love them more than life itself and all I want out of this life is to make them happy. And in order to make them happy I need to be happy and look at the brighter side of things in life. Yes the world can be an absolute terrible place, but it also can be the most beautiful if you look at things the right way. These past six months have taught me a lot about myself, I have learned that people so easily feel sorry for themselves instead of thanking the Lord for those little things that end up meaning the most. I'm thankful for the trials the Lord has placed before me because I know that they are shaping me into a better person.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Waiting Game

Well, not much going on with us. We pretty much have just been waiting.
and Waiting
and Waiting.
Time is going by soo s l o w.
But we are down to 9 DAYS till my love comes home!
This last week is going to be a killer that's for sure.
I am so in love with this man. I cannot wait for him to be with us again, and watch him and Ellie play together. 
I am so blessed.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Keepin it Movin

Phew. It's been a hectic week. But tons o' fun!
My lil Ellie Bug turned 3 on the 24th! She is the cutest. It was so fun to watch her open her presents. She understands it all now and was dying ALL day to open her presents. She had the best reactions.
Thanksgiving was fun, I defiantly had a lot to be thankful for this year, although it was super hard celebrating everything without Jordon. Went out on my first black Friday excursion at an early 5 am. It was lots of fun and I defiantly got some good deals! This Christmas is going to be very exciting.
December is going to be a hectic month. Bleh I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on the 8th.. :/ sick I'm so not looking forward to this. Hopefully I wont look like a chipmunk when Jordon comes home. Jordon comes home on the 14th! Then Jordon's birthday on the 16th, Wolf Creek with the Kinsmans that weekend/ early Christmas for us! Then on the 20th the movers are coming to take all of our stuff and on the 22nd or 23rd we are outta here!!! We found out that the military is letting Ellie and I go with Jordon to New York and putting us in a hotel till we find a place to live, and we gotta drive all the way there! WOO. I have been trying to get everything ready before I get my wisdom teeth out cause I'm sure I wont be to motivated during that time.
I don't exactly know what to do though... I have been going through all of our stuff and getting rid of the crap we don't want but thats as far as I have gotten. We aren't suppose to put anything in boxes but I don't know what else to do with it all! I hate just sitting back and just waiting, I want to hurry and get stuff done!
I can't believe that in a month we are going to be living in NEW YORK!!!! It defiantly hasn't hit me yet. I'm so excited though. Super nervous about driving across the country in the middle of winter, but still excited.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Is it just me or do the days feel like they are totally d r a g g i n g lately?  I'm having one of those poop days.
Do you mind if I just sit and vent a bit? If ya do, sorry I'm doin it anyways.
I'm tired.
I thought time was going by slow when Jordon first left but it defiantly feels like its going even slower now that we are getting close to the end. We only have a little over a month left. AH! I can't believe I made it this far. Dangit I'm so anxious. The ending is defiantly the worse.

I'm so happy to move across the country. Really I am. I'm extremely excited. But man I am stresssin big time.
I feel like I should be doing something but I have absolutely no idea WHAT to do.. Where do I even start?
How are we suppose to find somewhere to live clear across the country? Jordon and I are in the process of getting on the waiting list to live on base. I personally think that would take a ton of stress off of us. But I also heard the waiting list is forever long. But I'm crossing my fingers it works out.
How are we suppose to afford moving, Ellie's birthday, Jordon's birthday, and christmas all at the same time?? Plus a plane ticket to get Jordon home.

I know everything is going to work out. I do. But I think it's safe to say that a very large majority of people would be stressing out too.

Ellie has decided she doesn't feel like going potty on the toilet anymore. She only goes poop on the toilet, then she just pees her pants whenever. She started doing this when I came home from Georgia. Before I left she was doing good. She would still have accidents but if she did have an accident she would go clean herself up and put new undies on. Now she just sits in it until I notice. She use to never pee the bed, now she pees it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. First she pees her bed then comes into my bed in the middle of the night and pees my bed. She goes through all of her pants in two days. Ellie has A LOT of pants. She even says she wants to be in diapers again.  We have been potty training since August. I AM NOT GOING BACK TO DIAPERS!
Nothing I have done has worked. I have even threatened canceling her birthday. (of course I wouldn't do that, but I'm running out of ideas here people!) I'm defiantly at my breaking point.
I'm tired.
*turn music off at bottom of the blog.

This little girl is turning 3 in two weeks..
It feels like she was only a lil baby for 2 seconds.
Ah I would give anything to have that time back.
*please excuse Ellie's nudity in the bathtub.
and yes the first video is of her pooping. We are that mature.

video video video video

Monday, November 1, 2010


Ellie is THE funnest girl around. 
She picked this costume out all on her own.
and Yes, it is Katy Perry inspired.
Her number one requirement for her costume was BLUE HAIR! She had to have it. She couldn't stop staring at herself in the mirror after I did it. The first thing she said when she saw it, "I'm so beautiful like Katy Perry!"
(and all of the blue came out the first time I washed it.)

 She is by far my most favorite gal. She has more personality than anyone I know, and I hope it never changes. I hope as she grows up she is never afraid to express who she is.
Even though it completely KILLS me to see how fast she is growing up, I love the girl she is growing up to be. Oh my heavens how can you not absolutely love this girl!

It was so fun getting her dressed up. I hope she thinks up something awesome for next Halloween!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Smile and Move On

I am extremely excited about moving to New York with my husband and daughter. This is such a big step in our lives, and dangit I am soooo proud of us!!
Jordon and I have worked our butts off to try and 'grow up', and just be happy with were we are.
I'm am very satisfied with the choices that we have made, because I know that this is what Heavenly Father wants us to be doing, and I know with all my heart that there is a reason why we are going to New York. 
I guess I really thought that everyone would be happy for us. But instead of hearing words of encouragement I've been told just about every little negative thing people can think up of New York.

I know mainly they are saying these things because they don't want us to leave, but guess what! The deed is done and we really don't have any other choice but to leave. So instead of trying to make me dread going there shouldn't you be encouraging me?
Ugh whatever.
I am excited.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Georgia Peach

Georgia, was amazing.
I had tons of fun. 
As guilty as I felt for not bringing Ellie, I have to admit it was much needed.
We ate the most AMAZING food. I wish I would have taken pictures of all the food we ate.  
Mmmmm.... Heaven in my mouth.
The best food I must say was some Jerk Chicken from what looked like a very questionable and slightly scary Caribbean Restaurant. Sooooo goood. 
Also the best tiramisu (sp) I have ever eaten. I want some right now.
I can finally say that I have tried fried green tomatoes. They weren't to bad.
If you ever find yourself in downtown Augusta GA make your way to the Boll Weevil, and I can't remember the Caribbean restaurants name but basically the only caribbean one down there.
We also went to the Country Living Fair, that I thought was a lot of fun. It was really just a gigantic Arts Festival, but I enjoyed myself. It gave me tons of cute ideas. Jordon and Doug got some delicious smoked turkey legs there. How random huh?
We visited many antique shops. Jordon and I's most favorite thing to do. CANNOT wait to have our own place so I can actually buy something from an antique shop. 
Drove around a lot and found THE cutest houses. I love looking at cute neighborhoods. :D
I didn't do very good with the picture takin, I was to busy enjoying having a husband again.
I know I'm forgetting a ton of things but here's some pictures.
Jordon and his Papa with their turkey legs/ Cache at the Caribbean restaurant
Country Living Fair
 Inside the fun lil' trailers!

Yeah, told you I sucked with the picture taking....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Soo Happy.

Ahhh I'm back from an amazing weekend in Georgia. If I had Ellie with me we would have stayed forever.
But I will post more about Georgia later and put up some pics. I've got some bigger things to talk about that I just can't keep in.
First I gotta say I am sooooo happy to see my baby girl Ellie! I missed her so much! That was the longest that I have ever gone with out my baby, and needless to say I was dying!
I defiantly do have the cutest girl in all the world.

Ok are ya ready for the big news?!

Its official! WE ARE GOING TO FORT DRUM NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!
Ah I am so so soooooo excited. I have basically been jumping up and down all day.
Jordon is also very excited that was his first pick. He has a friend that lives right outside of Fort Drum and sent me a picture of his yard. GORGEOUS and it was just a cell phone pic. Yes I do know that the winters there are intense but hello I live in Northern Utah, plus I'm so willing to put up with crappy winters to have my family back. I'm so happy. ah I can not wait to move into our own place and be together as a family again. mmmmm... I feel good.
May the house hunting and packing begin!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lets Go

Jordon is suppose to find out where he will be stationed this month. I am dying to find out. I just want to hurry up and know already! I'm so excited/nervous! I'm super excited to finally have a place of our own, and be in a new place and have some new adventures. It just feels like we are finally starting our lives. I'm nervous also because when we find out it will be real. Ya know what I mean? This is really happening. We will be moving somewhere we have never lived before, somewhere where we wont know anyone. We will be really living the military life. hmm..

But I am excited. I'm so ready for this experience. Lets do this!

Dangit I just want to know already. I have had two dreams that we moved to Colorado. Ellie randomly said we were moving to Arizona. Which ya know I'm really starting to believe Ellie's random statements because she has told my sister who is expecting that she is having a baby boy and yesterday she found out that she is having a baby boy!
I know Jordon is really hoping for Germany. I personally want New York, or somewhere in the south. Why the south? I don't know probably just because I always read about all the awesome antique stores and swap meets that go on in the south.
I really have no idea where we are going. Cross your fingers we find out this week!
Where do you think we will go? Stay in the states or go over seas??

Monday, October 11, 2010

What I Live For

Look who came home for a visit

It felt like he never left.

Could Ellie be anymore of a clone of her daddy?!

Officially the best weekend ever.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crazy Stuff my Daughter Says

I need to start writing down everything that Ellie says. She says crazy things all the time but I am so use to it that I never think to write it down. But some things make me laugh extra hard and I have to share it.
Yesterday Ellie and I went to the park and Ellie started playing with a group of kids. They were playing so good with each other and I just sat and watched them, enjoying the fact that she wasn't climbing all over me.
I hear Ellie tell all the kids, "Here lets sit down and talk about Jesus."
I don't know maybe its just me but I thought it was absolutely hilarious that she said that. I was cracking up. She is so random I love it.
Hopefully when she gets into school she will always suggest to her friends that they should sit and talk about Jesus.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Best 3 Years

 I was 17 years old and 8 months pregnant when Jordon and I got married. I can't say I was exactly excited to be getting married, Jordon and I defiantly felt a lot of pressure to do it. At the time I was so angry about it. I did not want to get married at 17. It had nothing to do with Jordon, I knew with all my heart I wanted to marry Jordon, just not at 17 years old when I had to have my mother come sign a paper in order to get our marriage certificate.
Also because I wanted a princess wedding, what girl doesn't? I wanted a wedding that was celebrated, and I didn't feel like anyone was celebrating it. 
I look back now and think 'what stupid reasons!' But remember I was only 17.
My whole side of the family was very much against Jordon and I getting married. Some wouldn't even attend.
But in the end it wasn't about what everyone else wanted us to do. 
It has taken a long time to truly realize it, but now I know with all my heart that we made the right choice about getting married at the age of 17. 

I love Jordon Emery Kinsman with all my heart. 
These past 3 years I have fallen in love with him all over again. I defiantly feel like our love is deeper, stronger and absolutely more mature. I am married to my best friend. I can truly be myself around him. He has been there for me through everything.
I remember when we were in the hospital after I had Ellie, it was only about a month after we were married, and someone had to come in the bathroom with me because I kept passing out. I always had one of the nurses helping me cause there was no way that I would let Jordon see me pee! One time I had to pee super bad and all of the nurses were busy so Jordon had to come in with me. Ugh I was so embarrassed. I kept apologizing to him over and over.  Jordon just said, "Babe it doesn't bother me, I'm here to help you." and he turned the sink on and looked the other way so I could do my business. TMI I know. 
He is just so good to me. He loves me for me and doesn't tease my craziness.

In the past 3 years we
had a baby girl
bought our first car
survived living with cockroaches
survived living with my parents
paid off that first car
made it through 2 lay-offs
had our biggest nastiest fight
threatened to leave
forgave eachother
grew up physically and emotionally
fell in love all over again
were sealed in the temple for time and all eternity
joined the army
survived 17 weeks without each other (so far)
& I wouldn't change one single thing that has happened.
Everything happens for a reason and we are so much stronger for it.

Jordon Emery Kinsman I will love you forever and always. Thank you for marrying me and loving me the way you do.
We've come a long long way, and have a long long way to go.
I can't wait!

These were our engagement pictures and for some reason Jordon had the hardest time smiling normal in them. He's a cutie.
Look at my belly! I just wanna rub it! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

make-up artist

Ellie got into my mother's eyeliner today. I'm pretty stinkin' proud of how good she did. Not in the exact right place but hey for a 2 year old it looks pretty good!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have been perusing the military wife blog world, hoping that I can find some positive and up-lifting things. Things that could get me excited about this whole experience.
Not gonna lie, I haven't found one thing that put a positive up-lifting spin on this whole active-army thing.
As I scan through these blogs I find myself thinking, What the hell did I get myself into?

It seems that most all military wives just look forward to that beloved day of retirement, at least that is the impression I have gotten.
Apparently all I have to look forward to is a lot of nights with no husband and many empty promises. The main rule for a military wife, NEVER GET YOUR HOPES UP.
Now I am praying, BEGGING that I am so very wrong on my observation. Maybe I'm just in a Debbie Downer mood right now.. Ok Ok Ok.

 Think Positive.

We KNOW that this is what the Lord wanted us to do. We are getting the heck out of here. We are FINALLY going to be on our own. We will be able to visit places that we probably would never see with out the military. Jordon and I have already grown so much closer. hmmm... Good insurance?
Yeah I think I ran out. But that's good enough... right?
Yes. Yes it is.

p.s its a little late to back out now!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fashion Re tard.

When it comes to the clothes I wear, I very rarely go outside my comfort zone. 
T-shirt, hoodie, Jeans, flip-flips/ vans slip-ons.
Yeah thats basically what my wardrobe consists of.
Sad I know.
I have always wanted to get all dressy, wear high-heels on a regular basis, fun sparkly tops, whateve. 
But I always end up in a comfy t-shirt and my fave pair of jeans.
I have the hardest time going out of my comfort zone.
Every time I feel a little bit self conscience I automatically throw on a hoodie. 
It's terrible. 
Since Jordon has been gone and we have been able to have some extra spending money for us to go shopping I have been trying super hard to push my fashion boundaries. I haven't bought one plain t-shirt.

I love the boots over the jeans thing. Love it. I have always had a pair of uggs that I wear here and there but I'm talking about the tall high heel boots over jeans. I think it looks super cute. Anyone agree??
I have really wanted to give it a try, see if I can pull it off. But it goes to that comfort thing again...
Hmm... maybe I will take the plunge anyways. Get a little dangerous.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Oh dear. Ellie says the craziest things. I don't even understand where she gets these things. 
Ellie's favorite thing to say the past couple weeks is she LOVES the baby in my belly.
Whenever we are at the store looking at clothes she says stuff like, "That would be so cute for my baby!" Me, "What baby?" Ellie, "The baby in your belly mommy! It's coming out soon!"
Or she randomly runs up to me and kisses my belly and says, "I can't wait for my baby to come out!" 
She especially loves telling people about the baby in my belly. Every morning she goes into my mom's room and talks about the baby in my belly and that it's coming out soon.
My mom got new curtains in the kitchen. Ellie went into the kitchen and I hear her say, "Oh beautiful! Mommy did you see these curtains? They are so cute!"
What the heck two year old notices new curtains? I don't even notice new curtains. 
Ellie loves doing every ones hair. Today she asked if she could do my hair and all she had in her hands was pony tail holders so I said yes. So she is sitting there pretending to put my hair in a pony tail and then I hear a little 'snip'. S#!%
Yeah she cut my hair. It wasn't a lot though and its not noticeable thank goodness!
I made her go to her room and when she came back out this is what she told me, "Mom, here's the problem. I just want to talk to you and say I'm sorry for cutting your hair, and I just want to give you a hug."
How the heck am I suppose to punish her when she says stuff like this? 

This isn't even the half of what she says. She is CRAZY TOWN.
I love her stinkin guts.

Friday, September 17, 2010


After 14 weeks of no hubby to go to sleep next to, and no hubby to pass the disciplining duties to for a back talking 2 year old, I think Ellie and I have almost grown accustom to this emptiness.

I think its safe to say that my stubborn 33 month old daughter is POTTY TRAINED! Now of course she still has her accidents every now then but it usually is no more than 2 in a day. I haven't really wanted to blog about it because I seemed to jinx myself every time I said something.  How did I conquer this beast you ask?? I completely put it in my Ellie's hands. I didn't tell her she needed to wear big girl pants, I didn't tell her she needed to hurry and sit on the potty, I let her do her own thing. Guess what. It worked beautifully. This just goes to show how unbelievably stubborn she is. When I would put a pull up on her she was always completely devastated. She wanted to wear those cute big girl pants so bad. I would tell her that those big girl pants are especially for girls that make sure that her pees and poops go in the potty and not in her pants.
One morning Ellie woke up took her pull up off and threw on some under roos. She was so ready.

She was basically changing her own bum. Whenever her pull up got really soggy she would go up in her room take it off, wipe, and put a new pull up on. Sad I know.
But she was ready to wear some cute tinker bell undies and be a big responsible girl.
I am defiantly making this potty training thing sound a lot easier then it was. She went on and off for about a month one day she would be completely accident free and the next day she refused to set foot in the bathroom and would put a pull up on herself.
She is one tough cookie to deal with thats all I can say.

I have been trying to keep myself busy and in the process i have gotten a little better at this craftiness. We will see if this progress keeps continuing.
It seems like I am constantly sick lately. Ugh its killing me I don't know what has been going on.
I have finally succeeded at getting Ellie to at least fall asleep in her room. She still sneaks in my room in the middle of the night but hey we are just takin baby steps.
I shipped Jordon a laptop recently and we have been able to 'Skype' every night. I get to see his handsome face! In some ways it makes it easier but in some ways it makes it so much harder.

I say that Ellie and I have grown accustom to having Jordon gone, but in no way shape or form has it gotten easier.
I still have that constant pain in my chest. That feeling of always knowing my husband wont be coming home tonight. It just has become the 'norm' for us.
But dangit WE ARE ALMOST THERE!!!!
I have been trying to keep positive as much as possible. But that can be hard when people like to throw their opinions at you all the time. But hey, things wouldn't be as interesting if you didn't have those fun people in your life. Right?
I have another tripped planned to go see him in October!
so soo SOO excited.

Monday, September 6, 2010


Happy Birthday Ardie!

 Yesterday Sept. 5th was our doggy's 2nd birthday.
I find this a big milestone for us because since me and Jordon have been married we have had 4 different dogs. First was Lily, she was a chow mix. Jordon and I got her while we were dating. While my in-laws were building there new house Lily would run back and forth from their old house to their new house. Then the pound picked her up. By the time we found out she was gone Jordon called the pound right after someone picked her up. Jordon was devastated, and we are pretty sure someone in our neighborhood has her. Jordon has been pretty tempted to steal her. 
Then there was a stupid dog we called Nugget. He was a Jack Russel Terrier. We got him from the Humane Society. They gave us a 10 day trial to decide if we wanted to adopt him for sure. Thank Goodness.
We got him when I was gigantic pregnant. We had him for three days and I called Jordon at work and said, "He is headed back to the Humane Society." I bawled the entire time, but that was the best decision I ever made. That dog was crazy.
Then came Maggie. She was a mix of just about everything. I was in love with her. I had Ellie when we had her so she went to Jordon's parents when we went to the hospital. She was the fattest puppy in the whole world. She was the only dog we had that was never picky about what she ate. Then while she was at the in-laws their fence blew down and she disappeared.
Last was Marley. She was a border collie german short hair mix.  We had her for a pretty long time.
Then one day she got parvo. We took her to the vet and he basically told us we could try and give her some medicine and pray she would get better but she most likely wouldn't. Well I wasn't going to just not try so we got the medicine and took her home. I did everything I could to make sure she would be ok, and a week later she was! But ever since she got sick she was never the same dog. She didn't seem happy. So Jordon and I decided to try and find her a better home, and I defiantly think we did. We gave her to this sweet lil ol' lady who lived on a big farm. The lady was so excited when she saw her.
Yeah so we have been through our fair share of dogs. But I love animals. So does Jordon. We went a while without any doggies after Marley. We were sad about her. We loved her but we knew she wasn't happy so we knew we had to give her up. 
I have always wanted a little dog. ALWAYS. Jordon said I wasn't allowed to get any little dog besides a toy australian shepherd cause they are the least girlie lookin dogs.
I didn't think we would ever get one though because they can be so expensive. 
But one day I was just browsing the KSL classifieds and found an ad for toy australian shepherd puppies. It said they would take cash or be willing to trade a puppy for a wii or playstation 2.  We had a playstaion 2 that Jordon never played with so I did a little coaxing with Jordon and long story short we got the cutest little puppy I ever did see!! 
I love Ardie. He has defiantly been the best dog ever. 
I decided instead of having another kid we will just get another dog. 

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Crafty Crap.

I think I am mentally challenged when it comes to being crafty. Seriously.
In my mind I am amazing at it. I have all these super cute ideas in my head and I get so excited to make it. But when I actually start making it, it's like it all gets lost in translation and usually looks like a big pile of poops. I don't even know what happens.
I have always wanted to make my own hair clips for Ellie but yeah... Never works out. Sewing... *sigh
Let's not even go there. Don't you worry if I ever finish Ellie's quilt I will take a nice picture of it and post it to prove my point. Sure it looks good from a distance but just don't look up close. 
I have been crocheting, I'm not terrible at it but my finished product never looks like the picture on the pattern..
I have been trying to paint a lil thing for Ellie's room and I have started over about 6 times. I used to be pretty good at painting. It's like this mom brain totally mooshed up my craft skills. I'm a lil upset about this. I thought becoming a mom was suppose to make you crafty? I don't even know.
Don't you worry though, I'm not going to give up. Someday I will get the hang of this.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Jordon with an O

Jordon started his classes on Aug. 25th. He goes to class from 4 until Midnight. Weird hours right?
I think he has been liking it, he said it's really interesting. So hopefully he will like his job because he will be doing it for the next 4 years. He has a lot of free time. I just shipped him our ipod and got him a laptop so that we can do skype.
Basically my time is spent on the phone with him or texting him. I miss him.. :( Our anniversary is coming up. THREE YEARS! Can you believe it?? I can't. I'm hoping I will at least be able to visit him sometime around our anniversary. If I do go visit him I basically need someone older to come with me cause ya know I'm duss a lil girl and can't get a rental car, and some hotels wont let anyone under 21 check-in. So unless I want to spend a bajillion dollars on a taxi and make sure Jordon can come check in to the hotel for me, I would really love someone to come with me.
Isn't that so silly that I can get married and have a baby but I can't rent a car or a hotel? It's ok, I will be 21 in March.
I would love to move to Georgia so I could see him all the time, but right now it's not looking very realistic. I'm still going to try though.
Jordon's classes got cut shorter. He was suppose to graduate in January but since it's so close to Christmas break they are just going to finish before Christmas break so that will be very nice. Unless he gets chosen to do advanced training, then we will have to stay an extra 8 weeks.
But ya that is basically whats going on with us, wishing and praying that the next four months will fly by.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

Yesterday while I was doing some laundry Ellie was playing on my bed. As I was walking past my doorway I heard a loud CRACK. Just thinking about that noise makes my stomach hurt.
Ellie was screaming and grabbing her face and I put her head up to my chest to comfort her. I got her to move her hands away from her face and there was blood everywhere. I thought for sure she broke her nose.
I think what she tried to do was belly flop on to the pillows and went just a little to far and smacked the side of her nose and cheek right on the corner of our headboard.
I took her into the bathroom and had her tilt her head back while I held the washcloth on her nose. Her nose swelled instantly and she had a nice red line going across her cheek and nose, with a little cut along the line of her nostril.
My mom came in to help while I grabbed the phone to call her doctor.
I never know what to do in those situations so I figure now that we have good insurance I will just take her into the Doctor. I would rather be safe than sorry.
The doctor got me in right away. After promising Ellie that she wasn't going to get a shot she gave in and we headed to the doctor.
The doctor took a look at everything and said she was to swollen to be able to tell if it was broken or not. He said it is extremely hard for little kids to brake their nose and it rarely happens. But when the swelling goes down and her nose looks crooked or she is breathing weird then I should bring her back in.
She hasn't been acting like its bugging her or anything, so thats good. She is still extremely swollen, I think she is more swollen than she was yesterday.

I let her get donuts to make her feel better. That's whats all over her face. Ellie is a picker and keeps picking her cut. ugh.
We defiantly have been blessed with Ellie. She has never had any super serious injuries. When she was learning to walk she hit our shelves and bit all the way through her lip and I took her to urgent care but didn't need any stitches or anything.  Kids are crazy. My sister said it perfectly, "If they aren't making your heart drop they are talking back to you, and you enjoy every second."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Enjoying Every Second

Our flight left at 7:55 a.m Wednesday morning, I woke up at a bright and early 4 a.m. With absolutely no trouble. Every second was filled with anticipation.

I couldn't believe I was actually going to see him!
When I got on the plane I was pretty nervous. I'm not big on flying.
But no worries I didn't even cry!!!
Ellie got to sit next to the window and was so excited when we started moving. She looked out the window the whole time. Until we took off and the plane turned so you could see the ground. She got pretty nervous and made me wrap my arms around her and said, "Don't let me fall!"

But for the rest of it she did just fine, and actually enjoyed it.
I did too. I don't think I will be as nervous to go by myself next time.
The condo we stayed at was absolutely gorgeous! 

This is what we got to look at when we stepped onto our balcony. I was sad we were only staying for three days. I would love to visit there again some day. Sooo pretty.
Although Missouri is full of crazy bugs, and gigantic spider webs EVERYWHERE. Doug my father in law almost ran over a turtle and a possum. It was interesting. haha
Our condo was 50 miles from Fort Leonard Wood. Oh my goodness I could hardly sleep Wednesday night. I woke up at 5:00 (4:00 Utah time) the next morning to get ready to see my husband! My father in law swears I woke up at 3:00 but I swear I didn't. 
When the time finally came to start heading to the Bakers Theater I couldn't believe it. While we were walking up to the building people that had their graduation earlier that day were meeting with their families and that's when the tears started. I was going to see him it just a few minutes! Ah it felt like a dream.
The graduation ceremony was very nice. I was sitting at the end of the aisle and across the aisle was were everyone that was graduating was sitting. Jordon was sitting a few rows back from us. They were not allowed to look over at you or wave or speak or anything. I'm sure Ellie made that super hard for Jordon. She kept looking back at him and trying to look all cute for him and blowing kisses at him and saying, "Daddy! Come get me!" I had to hold her back from going over to him. It was so cute. 
After the graduation we finally got to be with him. AHH best feeling ever!
Ellie was so concerned about Daddy not having any hair. She kept saying, "Daddy you need to get your hair back! Its all gone!" She even got so upset about it she started crying. But we let her rub his head and play with it and she wasn't so worried anymore. The first thing Ellie tells everyone about her dad is that he has no hair!

We got to be with Jordon from 12:00 until 8:00, so we took him back to the condo and got some frozen custard on the way there. Mmmm it was delicious.
Jordon savored every bite. Its been awhile since he had something like that. 
For the rest of the day we just sat, relaxed, and enjoyed each others company. Ellie had to have Daddy's attention at all times. She kept telling him she wanted to dance for him so we turned on the radio and she put on a little recital for everyone. Of course Ellie was on her best behavior for her dad, listened to every word he said and ate all of her dinner for him. 
Oh my goodness I loved watching them together. Jordon is such a good Dad. 
The whole time I was with him I had to be touching him at all times to make sure he was really there. I was a freak really. ha ha But he said he loved it so no worries. 
The day went so fast and it felt like we were only together for a second, but it was so worth it. I defiantly think that being with him again made it harder for me but I would do it again in a second of course. I am so proud of him. He is defiantly making the most of this experience and giving it his all. When he got to Georgia they gave him all weekend off basically, and I told him, "Well that's good now you can just rest and take a break." Jordon said, "No I don't want to rest I want to get to work so I can be with you again." 
ugh, I can't even describe it. I am just so proud of him and the man that he has become. He is an amazing person and I am extremely lucky to have him as my husband.

He gets a lot of time off for his AIT. He goes to school until 4 and then has the most of the day to himself including weekends. He hasn't started school yet. He doesn't think he will start for another week. He said he has so much freedom its scary, he doesn't know what to do with himself. 
He has his phone with him for good now and we have been talking non stop. I feel so spoiled! 
I'm going to try and visit him soon. Maybe for Labor day weekend because he gets 4 days off, but we aren't sure. But when I do go to visit him we will be doing some apartment shopping because me and Ellie will hopefully be joining him in Georgia!!!!!! I'm so excited. Augusta is the closest town to Fort Gordon, its only ten minutes away. I have been looking stuff up about it since I have gotten home. It looks soo beautiful, and rent is pretty cheap. I already have a list of apartments to look at. I hope we can really do this cause it would be amazing! 
It would be crazy but a fun adventure. I'm ready for some adventures in my life!
I can't wait!