Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fun pictures!

I finally uploaded some of my pictures that we have collected over the past months.
I have forgotten some of the silly pictures I have taken.

Jordon does look a little... special ... in this picture. But that's why I love him.

I had to show off Jordon's sweet manatee shirt..
Like father Like daughter..

It's been fun playing with Ellie's hair now that she finally has some. This we did on one of our boring nights.

& this is after we took it out. Fun times!

Had to do her own make-up.

This is her 'I'm Mad!' face.

Fell asleep during dinner.

I guess she had a rough night! These are my favorites!

Sunscreen.. It is never a good thing when your child is being quiet.

Spaghetti and chocolate I'm guessing? yum.

Decorating her pumpkin for Halloween. About five minutes later she fell asleep.

Monster ELLIE!

Such a Daddy's girl

Ellie's 2nd BIRTHDAY!


It was so fun this year with Ellie.. Even though she doesn't exactly look excited she was I just thought these pictures were the BEST! hahaha I love being a mom.

& yes we do still have the crazy goats!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jordon Emery

Happy Birthday yesterday Husband!
I love you so much your the bestest ever.
My top 6 most favorite things about him.
1. He is the best Dad in the world. I love watching him and Ellie play together.
2. I've only seen him really really cry three times: When we were married, When Ellie was born, & when we went through the temple. Cried like a baby. So cute.
3. He likes to have pig-out nights with me! We buy a whole bunch of crap food and eat it all!! One time we made a huge salad and ate it all so I guess its not always crap food.
4. I have never met a little kid that didn't love Jordon's guts. You should see our Sunbeam class, they can't get enough of him.
5. He wants a big family! Even though I'm not ready to have more kids right now I know that whenever I am ready, He will be more then ready!
6. We have the same dreams & wants. A cute little house on 3 acres with lots of animals and kids running around!
I love my husband. We defiantly have our hard times, but it brings us closer.

I'm excited for our future.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have a lot of things that I need to blog about.
I have so many pictures that I need to upload.
Lots of fun things have been going on!
-Being sealed of course. It was so amazing I can't even describe it!
Everyone kept asking us if we felt different, and I did defiantly. I felt like a completely new person. It was perfect. Not to mention the AMAZING sealer we had.
-Halloween. Ellie was so cute! She was a little pink monster it was hilarious!
-Ellie's birthday. I cant believe she is two.
-I graduated Dental Assisting school!!! YAY! It went by so fast. Now I just need to start looking for a job.
Hopefully someday I will get around to uploading my pictures.