Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giddy Little School Girls

Jordon and I had the amazing pleasure of seeing our most favoritest band ever in the whole widest world on Saturday.
It was so fun. And it was also much needed.
The Honorary Title have been me and Jordon's favorite band since we have known each other.
We would listen to them pretty much every time we were together.
I like to say their CD was the soundtrack to our dating days.
As soon as Jordon found out they were coming to Salt Lake we immediately bought tickets.
We got there probably an hour early and were about 8th in line.
Fortunately for us they aren't that popular and there weren't to many people.
When we got in they had a couple of local bands playing first.
Jordon and I were saving our spots right next to the stage even though there were only like ten people inside. ha.
Then Jordon sees Jarrod the lead singer of Honorary Title.
and hes like "Amanda thats him THATS HIM!"
It was so funny. Jordon was so excited.
Sadly, we did not have the guts to go talk to him.. dangit.
There were a lot of super good bands that played.
All of the concerts I have been to the bands were not good live, and sounded nothing like they did on their CDs.
But all of these bands were amazing.
The Honorary Title of course was the best. Oh my goodness I don't care what anyone says he has the sexiest voice ever...
Jordon would also agree.

I have gone to my Dental Assisting school twice now. I love it. The first week I had a ton of homework and didn't understand any of it. I was like oh no, what did I just get myself into!
But the next Saturday everyone had the same questions. PHEW!
I excited to start my externship and watch for reals. Cause honestly I really don't know what I am getting myself into! But I am very excited.

Other news.. Jordon lost his job last week. It has been super duper hard for me to keep positive but I'm trying. A lot of things are going on right now, so its been very stressful.
But you do what you gotta do, and keep pushing forward. If anyone knows of any job openings please let me know! I think Jordon has applied pretty much every where in Tooele. Literally.