Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Little Helper.

If you have seen my house you know I'm not the best cleaner. I'll admit it. I'm counting down the days until Ellie can do the dishes and laundry. haha. She loves helping me when I am folding the laundry. Its not exactly helping but she tries. When I have the basket of clothes and I'm folding them she grabs some and rolls them up for me. We have been working on her putting her little toys in her box. She picks them up and throws them in, she misses most of the time but she is learning fast. But oh my proudest moment, I was doing the dishes and Ellie wanted to play in the kitchen with me. So I gave her a pot and some spoons and utensils. She played for awhile but when she was done she picked up everything she was playing with and put it all in the pot. It was to cute, I was so proud.