Tuesday, January 13, 2009

There is no charge for awesomeness.

I haven't posted a blog in awhile so I decided to give a lil update since my last blog was a little heated.

Yesterday we got a new dryer. Actually its my brother and sister-in-law Travis and Lori's old dryer. Yes it is truly a blessing to have such a wonderful family. We have been going awhile without a dryer and kasey and natti don't live upstairs anymore so we haven't been able to use theirs. We were running pretty low on undies and clothes. So today has been my trying to catch up on laundry day. Still have a ways to go but I'm getting close.

Haven't gotten a new phone but my old one is holding up good. LG chocolates are a lot more durable than I thought.

Jordon and I have started temple prep classes. YAY!!! I'm getting so excited. We are currently trying to talk my parents into us going to the San Diego Temple to be sealed. That would be so amazing. It's not really working out though. But hey its worth a shot.

Ardie's tail finally fell off.. Ha Jordon had Ryan Droubay put special rubberbands around Ardie's tail so that it would fall off? I don't know for sure when he did it, sometime in November I think? But it finally fell off. Poor puppy. I thought it was the grossest idea ever but Jordon thought it must be done. When he got it done I was thinking to myself, what if it falls off and I don't see it and Ellie picks it up and like she does with everything else puts it in her mouth. GAG!!!! But fortunately it fell off in the bathroom where he sleeps and I saw it when I needed my morning potty break at 5 am. So of course when I went back to bed I woke up Jordon and said that he had to be the one to pick it up. gross gross gross.

I have started going to the gym everyday with my sister. I love it. It's such a nice release, and a time for me to get out of the house. I really really want to do yoga but I have no one to go with and I don't want to embarrass myself all alone. So anyone who would want to be my yoga buddy just let me know:).

Everything has been going so good really. With gas being so cheap it's been a lot easier paying all of our bills. I'm praying and praying that it stops going back up. AHH I cant go from $15 back up to $40 whenever we fill up. Jordon's Job is in Salt Lake so we at least have to fill up every week.

It's good though. We have been really happy and just trying to keep positive. We still have our stressful times but we work through them.

Ellie is walking all over the place. She has been walking for awhile I think she started really doing it a couple weeks before christmas. She LOVES walking around everywhere when we go to the store. ugh She is getting so big.

Oh yeah Christmas was good. Ellie was a pro at opening all the presents, she loved it. I didnt have my camera with me so no pictures:( I will have to try and get some from Jeri. I have a picture of my tree. I loved my christmas decorations. They make your home feel so much more... Cozy. I love it. Its always sad when you have to take it all down.

Thats basically it for us though I think. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!!