Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fun pictures!

I finally uploaded some of my pictures that we have collected over the past months.
I have forgotten some of the silly pictures I have taken.

Jordon does look a little... special ... in this picture. But that's why I love him.

I had to show off Jordon's sweet manatee shirt..
Like father Like daughter..

It's been fun playing with Ellie's hair now that she finally has some. This we did on one of our boring nights.

& this is after we took it out. Fun times!

Had to do her own make-up.

This is her 'I'm Mad!' face.

Fell asleep during dinner.

I guess she had a rough night! These are my favorites!

Sunscreen.. It is never a good thing when your child is being quiet.

Spaghetti and chocolate I'm guessing? yum.

Decorating her pumpkin for Halloween. About five minutes later she fell asleep.

Monster ELLIE!

Such a Daddy's girl

Ellie's 2nd BIRTHDAY!


It was so fun this year with Ellie.. Even though she doesn't exactly look excited she was I just thought these pictures were the BEST! hahaha I love being a mom.

& yes we do still have the crazy goats!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jordon Emery

Happy Birthday yesterday Husband!
I love you so much your the bestest ever.
My top 6 most favorite things about him.
1. He is the best Dad in the world. I love watching him and Ellie play together.
2. I've only seen him really really cry three times: When we were married, When Ellie was born, & when we went through the temple. Cried like a baby. So cute.
3. He likes to have pig-out nights with me! We buy a whole bunch of crap food and eat it all!! One time we made a huge salad and ate it all so I guess its not always crap food.
4. I have never met a little kid that didn't love Jordon's guts. You should see our Sunbeam class, they can't get enough of him.
5. He wants a big family! Even though I'm not ready to have more kids right now I know that whenever I am ready, He will be more then ready!
6. We have the same dreams & wants. A cute little house on 3 acres with lots of animals and kids running around!
I love my husband. We defiantly have our hard times, but it brings us closer.

I'm excited for our future.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have a lot of things that I need to blog about.
I have so many pictures that I need to upload.
Lots of fun things have been going on!
-Being sealed of course. It was so amazing I can't even describe it!
Everyone kept asking us if we felt different, and I did defiantly. I felt like a completely new person. It was perfect. Not to mention the AMAZING sealer we had.
-Halloween. Ellie was so cute! She was a little pink monster it was hilarious!
-Ellie's birthday. I cant believe she is two.
-I graduated Dental Assisting school!!! YAY! It went by so fast. Now I just need to start looking for a job.
Hopefully someday I will get around to uploading my pictures.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Miss Ellie

My sister Bethany took Ellie to get her pictures taken at Kiddie Kandids.
They turned out so super cute even though she was such a stinker!!

Yes, I do have the cutest baby in the world. :D

Monday, October 12, 2009

Close family who hold a temple recommend are invited to attend. Guests please arrive a half an hour early. For those who are attending the endowment session we ask to join us in a fast the morning of. Jordon is thinking about joining the Army but it is defiantly something we need to fast and pray about. Thank you so much for everyone's support. We love you all so much and are so blessed to have you in our lives.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

2 Years Down, Eternity to Go.

Oct 5, 2007
I cannot believe it has been two years already!
Happy Anniversary babe! I love you more than most xinfinity and beyond!

Jordon and Amanda Kinsman will be receiving their endowments
on Friday October the Sixteenth of 2009
at the Salt Lake Temple
at One o' Clock

Close family and friends who hold a recommend are invited to share this special day with us.
Guests please arrive half an hour early.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Giddy Little School Girls

Jordon and I had the amazing pleasure of seeing our most favoritest band ever in the whole widest world on Saturday.
It was so fun. And it was also much needed.
The Honorary Title have been me and Jordon's favorite band since we have known each other.
We would listen to them pretty much every time we were together.
I like to say their CD was the soundtrack to our dating days.
As soon as Jordon found out they were coming to Salt Lake we immediately bought tickets.
We got there probably an hour early and were about 8th in line.
Fortunately for us they aren't that popular and there weren't to many people.
When we got in they had a couple of local bands playing first.
Jordon and I were saving our spots right next to the stage even though there were only like ten people inside. ha.
Then Jordon sees Jarrod the lead singer of Honorary Title.
and hes like "Amanda thats him THATS HIM!"
It was so funny. Jordon was so excited.
Sadly, we did not have the guts to go talk to him.. dangit.
There were a lot of super good bands that played.
All of the concerts I have been to the bands were not good live, and sounded nothing like they did on their CDs.
But all of these bands were amazing.
The Honorary Title of course was the best. Oh my goodness I don't care what anyone says he has the sexiest voice ever...
Jordon would also agree.

I have gone to my Dental Assisting school twice now. I love it. The first week I had a ton of homework and didn't understand any of it. I was like oh no, what did I just get myself into!
But the next Saturday everyone had the same questions. PHEW!
I excited to start my externship and watch for reals. Cause honestly I really don't know what I am getting myself into! But I am very excited.

Other news.. Jordon lost his job last week. It has been super duper hard for me to keep positive but I'm trying. A lot of things are going on right now, so its been very stressful.
But you do what you gotta do, and keep pushing forward. If anyone knows of any job openings please let me know! I think Jordon has applied pretty much every where in Tooele. Literally.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Jordon and I are the new Sunbeams teachers!!! YAY! That age is so super fun. I love it, the kids are hilarious.
Ellie is suppose to be in Nursery, but the last couple of Sundays she has been screaming bloody murder so they bring her back to us.
She's smart.
She LOVES primary though. Especially singing time.
Ellie will sing along with them. Its cute.

Jordon and I have been having a pretty tough couple of days.
It made me realize how much we need each other.
.i love my husband.
I guess sometimes you need to hit a couple speed bumps to remind yourself
of the i m p o r t a n t things.
But we are good for now, I don't want to jinx myself!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Please and Thank You

I have never had a little kid make me laugh as much as Ellie does. She is hilarious. I don't even understand were she gets it from. She makes being a mommy ssoooo stinkin fun. There isn't a day where she hasn't almost made me pee my pants from laughing so hard. I love it.
Oh my goodness these pictures kill me. If you look closely she has bubbles on her eyebrows. They look like Spoks from Star Trek. or however you spell his name..sorry. She was sticking her head in the bath tub and thats just how the bubbles stuck on her face. It was hard to take these pictures I was laughing so hard. Especially when she was smiling. Oh my baby is so cute!

She really doesn't look this crazy in person.. sometimes.. :D haha its the best.

So I'm going to admit it. Ellie knows exactly how to manipulate me. She can sense when she is making me angry so she hurrys and runs up to me and gives me hugs and kisses. So of course I'm not mad anymore.. Oh dear. It drives Jordon crazy.

Ellie has been stealing stuff from me lately. She hid my phone the other day. I didnt know she did I was looking for it everywhere. I could not find it. I was giving her breakfast and talking to her about I was like Mommy cant find her phone anywhere, we are going to have to look for it after breakfast. I started going up the stairs to look for it some more. Then I hear Ellie, MOM PHONE! PHONE MOM!! and sure enough she has my phone. I seriously looked everywhere downstairs. EVERYWHERE. lil stink. Im greatful she gave it back though.
We have been working on please and thank you lately. She is super good at thank you. Its so cute when she says it. She always says it to the cashier at the store. Please she isnt doing to well at. Unless we ask her to say it. But she usually throws a fit before she says it.. She is doing pretty good though. I love my baby girl.


Here is our new baby goat. Her name is GiGi. Goats are so funny I kid you not. I recommend getting one. They are so friendly. GiGi's mom Gertie seriously acts like a puppy She always wants attention and tries to sit in your lap.
And they pull your weeds for you:D hahaha.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big Girl

Gertie had her baby on May 13th. It's a girl she is so super cute. I missed Gertie giving birth to her though:( Its funny to watch animals be all motherly. Every time the baby would even make the slightest sound Gertie would hurry and run up to her. The baby goat reminds me of Ellie, whenever Gertie is eating the baby will go and sit in her food dish trying to get attention. Yeah that's totally Ellie. She will do anything to get attention.
I have decided I am not baby hungry anymore. I have been thinking tons about it and it just doesn't feel right. Whenever I see a lil baby I think awe I WANT ONE! But then I really think about it and say No thanks! But eventually I will have another one. I think Jordon wants one more than I do.
Ellie is talking up a storm. She picks up everything now... She says 'Oh Geeze' all the time. Yeah thats my fault. But it is cute when she says it. She loves yelling NO whenever she gets told to do something. Its awesome when she does it in public and everyone looks at us. Yeah thats not as cute..
She is starting to do everything she sees me do. She brushes her hair, tries to put make-up on, ugh and even tries to shave her legs..
She got a hold of a razor and did exactly what she sees mommy do. We have to keep everything locked up and put up high now. EVERYTHING. She can open lids and doors now. And me and Jordon have to watch every little thing we do. She does a good job at showing us when we are being bad examples.
She can go to nursery now. She went last Sunday and started crying. So of course I started crying.. But I think once she gets use to it she will love it! She loves being around other little kids.
We bought Ellie a little potty just to introduce it to her. When we change her diaper we ask her if she needs to go potty and she goes and sits on it and does her business. She is so smart.
We also got her a big girl bed... :(she isnt even a baby anymore.. She loves it though. But she still wakes up sometimes and comes and crawls in our bed. But she does pretty good for the most part.
Yeah as I'm typing this Ellie finds the Infant Motrin and opens the lid and thats stinkin child proof. Dont worry I got it away from just in time... STINKIN KIDS. See why I dont want another one right now?
I have lots of pictures that I will put up soon!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It has been a pretty long time since I have blogged. Tons have happened. I'll start with Ardie.
He was shaved, and fixed...

He looks completely different. haha poor guy.
he is still cute though
Gertie our Goat is pregnant! ha, I THINK she will have it any day now.

Ellie has almost all of her top teeth. She only has her two front teeth on her bottom, But her back molars have started coming in. She gets more and more personality every day. She cracks me up. She has to say 'Hi' to everyone she sees. Literally EVERYONE. She has her little 'tricks'. She will hang on to something and stick her leg up as high as she can. She thinks she is pretty amazing. She dances every time she hears music. I want to put her in gymnastics or dance as soon as I can, she would love it.

Ellie loves playing outside. The weather has been super nice...sometimes. She would probably sleep outside if I let her.
Ellie JaQai Jeri and me went to the zoo last week for JaQai's preschool. It was so fun. Ellie LOVES animals. We want to go again in the summer time.

Ellie pickin the tigers nose while Jaqai tries to pose for a picture.

Ellie has been dying to ride a carousal and she finally got to at the zoo and she freaked out so I had to ride it with her. It was awesome:)The faces Ellie makes are priceless.

We moved in with my parents in March to try and save up some money and go to school. I like it sometimes, but I would love to have a place of our own. But I think that is about all the new things with us.